Koffee With Karan 6: Ajay Devgn and Kajol are the typical husband and wife; check out the new promos

The upcoming episode of Koffee With Karan 6 will have Ajay Devgn and Kajol gracing the couch. The two new promos from the show are hilarious and will leave you impatient for the episode.
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In the upcoming episode of Koffee With Karan 6, we will be seeing the real-life couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol on the couch. The episode is one of the most awaited as Karan Johar will be interviewing the couple together for the first time after he had a fallout with them in the year 2016. For the uninitiated, Ajay and Kajol had a fight with Karan during the release of their films Shivaay and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Today, two new promos were dropped by the makers of Koffee With Karan 6 and this episode is gonna be kickass. In the first promo, Ajay is seen teasing Kajol about her old age, to which she said, he must be old not her. Ajay also revealed that Kajol talks and he never listens. He put himself in a tongue-tied situation when he said that all the actors in film fraternity say one lie and that is, "I love my wife!" Kajol gave him a shocking look and he said he was talking about others.

In another promo, Karan asks Ajay about making an effort towards their friendship and Kajol says he shouldn't be friend with her husband as they are friends. During the Time Out session, when Ajay was asked about his wedding anniversary, the actor fumbles and gives a wrong answer.

Earlier, Karan shared a photo posing with Ajay and Kajol on his Instagram page with a caption stating, "Koffee today with the talented husband-wife!!! @kajol and @ajaydevgn #koffeewithkaran @starworldindia @hotstar"



Koffee today with the talented husband wife!!! @kajol and @ajaydevgn #koffeewithkaran @starworldindia @hotstar

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It’s so sad seeing the romance go out of there relationship. I remember how much they were into each other in the early days. In the early days media only got a whiff of the relationship when they both came out of a car where they had been clearly making out. Now Ajay looks so uninterested in her.

I think I just developed a crush on Ajay. I love the no cookie cutter responses.

has ajay ever looked in the mirror? if he thinks kajol looks "old" then ajay should be classified as a fossil by his own standards. the man needs a reality check.

My God this guy is so disrespectful towards his own wife.

I used to like Kajol-SRK movies. But she is too loud and brash!

I know it's all in good humor and all that but age shaming your wife is not cool.

Love Ajay. He'll always be my crush.

He is the kind of man who will only respect his mother and love his daughter. All other women are there to serve a purpose, wife included. No respect or love for any of them.

Very true. Instead of shaming her on a public platform maybe he should invest in a therapist so he gets a reality check and a marriage counselor.

Oh! This is bad, especially after all those metoo blinds about Ajay Devgan.

Guys this is just banter no one is serious and these are just promos not the entire show! Calm down
Love Kajol and Ajay!

I used to be a big-big fan of Kajol (up to Fanaa time) but now I just can't stand her !! And see what her arrogance gifted her - a flop career now and a husband who really doesn't care about her , calling her "old" , although he is looking more old than her !! Somehow Karma played its game , Kajol was never nice with anyone except Shahrukh and Karan , tortured her co-actresses like Rani , Kriti and Juhi and even on that kids dance show she was so full of her giving no respect to her senior Madhuri !! And see how it all played , the opening day collections of Helicopter Eela are so poor in taste , even movies of B grade actresses earn more than that ! I used to defend Kajol every time up to 2010 but frankly speaking there are a lot of actresses who are really more good than her , even her cousin is such a versatile actress ! In a nutshell Kajol is just finished now !! Nobody cares about her even me too who has admired Kajol a lot in his teenage years !!

Very well said. Her Karma is getting best of her.

I completely agree with every single word you wrote. I would have respected her more if she didnt make up with Karan and stood her ground. Kajol knows that her career is over and thats why she made up with Karan aunty, in hope that he will cast her in his movie.

May be karan aunty can cast her as Alia's mother. lol. I also didn't like how she went back to aunty. She said Kajol killed every bit of emotion she had for her. So what happened now? All these people are so selfish and low standards.

This is cringeworthy! Ajay was clearly forced by his wife to be on the show and he is clearly making up for it!

Yeah he gave her good on national television.

i was never really a fan of Ajay but now i like him...he is rightly putting arrogant Kajol in her place..this is what she deserves for being so mean and nasty to all her contemporaries..Never heard her praising any other contemporary actress

You have a point. I have never seen her praising her female co-stars. But she had shah rukh, Karan and adi to back her up. They put fuel in her firing arrogance. She knew she is safe at that time. Glad ajay showed her true face.

Gratifying to see loud mouth, disrespecting Kajol being shown the same courtesy that too by her husband! Now that's bad...esp. when he said "budhape me aake" and she was sitting there, her fat almost ready to explode out of the dress and that cleavage..it was all in bad taste like budhi godhi laal lagam, this really made her look bad. + Kjo's reaction epic! So were mine, he DESTROYED her.

I bet, Ajay was coaxed by Kajol for the show and he was taking revenge OR he is really done with her and showing 'goodie-goodie' in all his interviews, now its like 'aisa hi h, lena h to lo, nahi to aage badho'.

hahahah!!!! So finally its out in the open. Ajay is done with Kajol and is having fun otherwise.

Seeing Kajol at the receiving end of how she generally is with others - is satisfying at another level.

Kjo - great work. Kajol - once bestie, next enemy for life, now dont care, lets make the show and money. AND, looking to join hands with the successful Ajay for possible Rohit shetty's movies and earning some through co-production. Love your new self.

Ajay is a cheater .Dont how kajol stays with this cheater.

You know what not doing PDA doesn’t mean there is not love in relationship.after few years of marriage love is not in holding hands,sitting close,showcasing it in front of others.love changes its form,like being there for each other,discussing family and kids,giving suggestions to each other,etc etc.
And don’t even talk about forgetting anniversary date,it’s most common mistake by all the husbands.

Ajay is incredibly witty I can see how she fell for him. Kajol is too loud though. Like Vidya Balan both need to tone down their voices.

SERIOUSLY as a son...that might be honest review bt on national.television there r other stars of her age like aishwarya and all who r still leading actress and why would anyone say as a son ...olus kajol.still.looks fresh....

He was pulling her leg.the thing is it’s in national tv so it’s looking bit much but then it’s koffee with Karan,a gossip show.

OMG he is so funny...I think I might become a fan.

Kajol's antics are quite annoying..the same old annoying shrill voice of her's and OTT expressions ..with age there is no sign of maturity in her

She is i

She is so loud

Saw the headline and entered here just to read the comments - they are far more insightful than the actual content here! Cheers to anon's

How did kajol became this fair ?

Ajay devgn is dating tabu...pv post it..ajay is a serial cheater and kajol and twinkle together are doormat wives no 1

This episode will only prove that Ajay is a horrible husband and their marriage is not as great.. ajay answers made me cringe.

they do not give good vibes at all. She is over compensating like her over excited K3G character. Sitting so far apart on the couch with feet facing opposite each other. Plus he look fugly and old and he has the nerve to call her that.

Kajol has spent her whole life looking down on others, yet she can't see what a crappy husband Ajay is!

After their feud that went very public, this is so awkward to look at.

The annoying and loud mouthed woman strikes yet again!!!

Damn, Kajol attacks everyone but she cant utter anything to her husband!! And, wasn't it there was a book that Karan wrote and talked about his bad friendship with Kajol..LOL, just saw Kuch Kuch Hota reunion and Kajol just pushed the woman out of the way who played SRK's daughter!! That was so rude, that girl just smiled!!! Hate such rude people and Kajol is very ruder person, only due to nepotism she is still alive barely!!

You know if SRK was single when he became an actor, we would not have had to suffer through this Ajay-Kajol marriage.

not really. SRK has a fling with PC. Everyone knows that. What would Kajol have done then? Stay in the marriage and shut her mouth?

They're sitting as far apart as possible. Both of them look so much happier with other people.

If being a cheat counts as a typical husband, then yes. He is!

Why Kajol, why do you have to stay with him ?

Headline should read 'typical Bollywood husband and wife' where wife feigns ignorance about husband's affairs

What does she see in him? He's ugly, unlikeable and disrespectful to her. That's apart from all the cheating and #metoo rumors.

Doormat Kajol. Nobody is this openly derisive to their wives in public. He doesn't have even a speck of respect for her.

Everything he says about her is an insult. Called her a buddhi. Said husbands don't love their wives. He proudly says she talks too much and he doesn't listen to her. When Karan asks what actor of the new generation can work with her, he says "as her son?" What a jerk. He was kissing and doing love scenes with an 18 year old in Shivaay. Disgusting man.

Look at how they are sitting on the couch. As far apart as they can. This is not a happy marriage.

Dont judge book my the cover

He is openly contemptuous towards her. And she tries to pass it off as loving banter.
Not a healthy relationship this.
She is dead afraid of him walking out on her and will do anything to maintain the facade.

Yeah could you imagine Saif ever talking to Kareena like that?

Saif is no saint, Kareena latches on to him for his wealth

Saif May have made mistakes during his first marriage but by all accounts he has been a great husband to kareena...it is quite obvious ajay is disrespectful to Karol...making up lies about kareena and Saif is not going to change that

Well Kajol knew what she was getting into. He’s the the same bloke who threatened to break Raveena Tandons face in the early 90’s in a magazine article. Dare say stuff like that today and your movie career would be over

He’s such a bad husband. During Dilwale promotion, SRK was asked Kajol’s anniversary and he knew it by heart and her pathetic husband doesn’t know.

But kajol was very happy when she know ajay do not know about her wedding anniversary date .so your opinion and my opinion some people like ya some people hate, never important then we are knowledge kajol thinking her husband .

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