Loveratri Teaser: Salman Khan introduces Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain in this Navratri love story

The teaser of Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain's debut film Loveratri is finally out.
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The teaser of Salman Khan's brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain's debut film Loveratri is finally out. You will see the crackling chemistry between Aayush and Warina. The film, which is based on the nine days of Navratri with a love story at its centre. 
As the teaser starts you would hear the voice over of Salman introducing the leads. They are seen dancing on a a recreated version of the Gujarati folk song He Ranglo. The track has been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant and composed by Lijo George and DJ Chetas. 
Talking about recreating the song, director Abhiraj Minawala told Mumbai Mirror, "We required a song that had a strong connect to Gujarati culture. And since we’ve mostly seen everything related to the state in a caricaturish way in films, we wanted to highlight its strong points. Our music supervisor got in touch with Chetas and Lijo and they came up with a song in just half an hour." 
"It was shot in the streets of London and my brief to Vaibhavi was to recreate Gujarat there. We needed to make sure we respect the original song but at the same time, we have brought in a certain freshness by picturising it with new faces and keeping this version young and light on the ears," he added. 
Earlier, talking about his Bollywood ambitions, Aayush had told HT just a few days before his wedding, “I would definitely like to pursue a career in Bollywood, but on my own terms. It’s a misconception that he (Salman) is launching me. Also, age is on my side and, God willing, I’d like to explore all opportunities given to me. For now, I’m training to become an actor.”
Shot in London and the outskirts of Gujarat, Loveratri is produced by Salman under the banner of Salman Khan Films. It is slated to release on October 5.

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dont wanna sound..negaitive..but NO!!!!! might run a little in three tier cities..or villages perhaps...

Seriously though, Salman has horrible choice. Every newbie he's brought in is literally crap.

It’s not called choice but nepotism

He is looking so weird!! Flop written all over unless the braindead fans of sk go and watch to show their support!!

Both Aayush and Warina look more suited to be the douches that the real hero and heroine are mismatched and paired with in the beginning of the movie before they meet each other, and that's the truth.

The girl is really intriguing, her smile is wholehearted. I think she will do well if she can act (which she’s doing much better than the boy). The boy, well, he’s just creepy and weird looking or maybe it’s because I just don’t like how he ended up where he is. Salman will probably make an appearance in the movie so it’s a success but I don’t think Aayush will do well like most of Salman’s protégés (minus Kat).

I don't know.. He has my sympathy so I will watch his movies out of pity. Poor guy went through all that just for a few movies as a lead hero. He is side actor type for comedy

These two idiots, along with the other two idiots from Dhadak are Bollywood’s future. Sad.

Praying for your illness- bitterness to

Does he have NO self respect whatsoever? Everyone knows why he is on screen....

I need to find me a movie star relative to marry, ASAP! All my short-comings will suddenly become completely irrelevant!!!

OMG....i laughed so hard on his first shot. Did they do his makeup bad on purpose? The guy looks sickly and malnourished.

i mean why not just make arpita the heroine and a special dance by their little son. make it a full blown family affair and they could make it into the Guinness book of world records. obviously talent or looks or screen presence or charm don't matter in a film sponsored by nepotism.

Ise kehte hain dahej lena!!!!

Arpita should have married a guy who loved her for who she was not what she was ... She deserves better. What a foolish thing she did. This guy didn't marry Arpita. He just married Salmans sister.

HE DID IT!!!! This is why he married Arpita! Finally his dream has come true!

Song is good, boy is bad.

Hey I like him too! He’s kinda cute...lost boy looks...girl is nice too....hope the movie is entertaining and does well!!!

Aayush looks very young & raw for movies .I mean ,it's not about being handsome in a conventional way but more about screen presence (like Amitabh Bachchan ) which this bloke lacks. He'd never have gotten his leg over in Bollywood were it not for his brother -in-law ,there are times when I wonder why Salman allows people to take advantage of him to such an extent . Zarina is pretty & the movie looks like a college romance .

Give me star kids like Varun & Ranbir over this guy anyday.

Maybe because taking and giving dowry is a crime they have found this solution. Instead of cash money Salman is making this movie for his brother in low, everyone is happy, even audience who probably will not watch this movie even for the sake of Salman but now they have a new hero to make fun of, new jokes on twitter, memes etc

Just maybe if he wasn't married to Salman Khan sister we probably would have give him a change as an outsider. but since we know his intention oh boy you will flop

some people are just not meant to be actors. he is obviosuly an actor due to connections and it is evident. atleast varun and ranbir are star kids...but act gosd. arjun kapoor ad sidharth mahotra are a blessing compared to this guy and have onscreen personality atleast.

oh god so pathetic in so many shots. arpita made a bad choice.

Ayush Sharma and Suraj Pancholi are two 'actors' who are have no chance of making it. As if their lack of onscreen appeal is not bad enough, they are already disliked by audiences because of their backgrounds. Salman should stop wasting his money on them ...

He is himachali so obvious he is fair but face dont have charm

This guy gives me majorly creepy vibes...

Love the song

Guy is fair and all with ok face but lacks charm ... as if his blood has been drained out

Omg it's sooooo obvious why he married Arpita!!!!

This sort of behaviour to become a hero should not be rewarded, this movie needs to flop!!!!

I hope it tanks, his means to get here were pretty shoddy.

This was always the end game... What I can't understand is how Arpita and the rest of the family fell for it!


Is this so called hero face... Nepotism rocks!!

He's cute

Are you blind??

to each her own ;)

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