Mira Rajput shares a video of Shahid Kapoor feasting on a pizza all by himself and we want one too; WATCH

Shahid Kapoor is all of us every time we eat pizzas in this video that wife Mira Rajput shared on social media. Check it out here.
Mira Rajput shares a video of Shahid Kapoor feasting on a pizza all by himself and we want one too; WATCHMira Rajput shares a video of Shahid Kapoor feasting on a pizza all by himself and we want one too; WATCH
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 Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are undoubtedly one of the most adorable couples in B-town and they indeed make for a perfect duo together. Their social media is full of posts for each other, often flaunting their love and affection that they have. Shahid and Mira also have two kids, a daughter names Misha and a son named Zaan. Their social media posts also give us a glimpse into their personal lives, and the fans just can't get enough of the two kids.

And well, while their social media is sure interesting and fun to check, something made Mira's Instagram story fun to watch as it had pizzas and Shahid Kapoor in it. Mira shared a quick boomerang video of Shahid with a king size pizza and she wrote how he managed to have the entire one all by himself. While she is teasing Shahid with that, his reaction on seeing the pizza is priceless and looks like it is all of us every time we see pizzas.

Check out the video here:

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On the work front, we will see Shahid next in the remake of Arjun Reddy, titled Kabir Singh. The teaser of the film came out a couple of weeks ago and it has received rave reviews about the same. When asked about working in a remake, the actor said, "I usually don’t watch too many films in Telugu and it surprised me with its tonality, rawness, simplicity and the fact that it was so real and believable. The character is very fascinating for me as an actor because the emotional arc... is very original. I loved it and Vijay Deverakonda, who played Arjun, did it so well."


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Mira doesn't have a life of her own. So she is actually the one behind paparazzi and looking for attention, and not paparazzi behind her infact...lol

What happened to her “puppy comment” . So going to work leaving kids behind is bad but going to vacation is acceptable.

#hypocritemira #internetremembers

Can't stand Shahid or Mira. Super annoying!

Shahid you are a celebrity. Don't come out with unflattering pictures all the time. And then you complain why your movies don't make money. Because you forget to connect with audience on the personal level. All goofy pictures, bad dressing off screen adds ups to non performance at the box office. It does matter.

They left there young kids alone with the nanny while they are enjoying their time in London. Sick

He is an arrogant man.

This guy looks like a fool nowadays and he’s so full of himself

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