Padmavati song Ghoomar: Deepika Padukone nails the dance form to perfection

Watch Deepika Padukone's graceful elegance in Padmavati's song Ghoomar.
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The first song from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus Padmavati is out and the music video will make you fall more in love with Deepika Padukone who plays the titular character, Rani Padmavati.

Titled Ghoomar, Deepika with her royal avatar nails the Rajasthani folk dance to perfection. You can see the hardwork and dedication with which the actress has perfected the moves.

Decked in a red lehenga which was paired with a green and yellow silk blouse, Deepika was seen accessorised with heavy gold jewellery. Her beauty will leave you mesmerised and her dance moves will leave you stunned.

Ghoomar is sung beautifully by Shreya Ghoshal and Swaroop Khan while lyrics have been penned by A M Turaz and Swaroop Khan. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has masterfully brought the right Rajputana flavour to the song and the set is gorgeous AF. 

Check the video below:

What did you think of Deepika's performance in Ghoomar? Let us know in the comments below.

Speaking about Ghoomar, Deepika stated to a leading daily, "It has been one of the most difficult song sequences that Sanjay sir and I have shot for. The shooting of the film began with this song and I will never forget that day. I remember approaching my mark for the first shot and suddenly, I felt a chill run through my body. It was almost as if Padmavati’s soul had entered my body. That feeling still lingers and will continue for years to come."

Speaking about perfecting the Ghoomar dance form, Deepika learned from Ghoomar expert Jyoti D Tommaar, who also runs a Ghoomar school which was founded by Late Padmashree HH Rajmata Geverdan Kumariji of Santrampur (former Princess of Kishangarh, Rajasthan).

A source revealed to the daily, "It is an extremely difficult performance art that takes years to learn, Deepika had to pick up the steps within a matter of days and she mastered it. Deepika did over 66 twirls while shooting for the song, dressed in an extravagant costume and adorned in heavy jewellery." 

Padmavati also stars Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji and Shahid Kapoor as Maha Rawal Ratan Singh. The movie is slated to release on December 1, 2017.

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Twenty Millions Views for this video on youtube and that too in only three days. Need I say more about Deepika, SLB, Padmavati, Ranveer and Shahid's outstanding work. No other actor of India had so many views in such a short span for their videos. Trending on top for so many days worldwide. Yay, proud to be a DP fan.

Deepika is a good dancer. pv post .

Waiting for Ranveer's song.

Shahid is a good actor love him in jab we met but this time he is not perfect for Raja role. Arjun Rampal incredibly amazing in Daddy. Best for this role and he has that persona. pv post this. please.

Dp, Ranveer looking very tall, strong and Shahid looking very short, weak. pv pls.

But how will i tolerate Shahid in Padmavati. Ewwww.

Gosh. Not just beautiful. DP is a wonderful dancer as well. I can't wait for the movie.

I have new-found respect for Bollywood actors. The fact that simply being a fab actor is not enough - you need to be multi-talented. SO MUCH RESPECT.

when Ranveer was appreciated in Deewani Mastani, ppl found it hysterical... now dyu see how doing nothing & just staring is also an art..

deepika padukone so much to take in from Ghoomar It's layered like well cooked rabdi. So nuanced and non-indulgent. Love Love Love.

Mharo Raja sa aur mhari Rani sa
Mhari Rajputi shaan

deepika padukone the only actress in this generation that can dance so gracefully

Kanak preet ki sar pe odh kar
Ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
Haan ghoomar ghoomar ghoome
O.. ralak reet sab jag

when Ranveer was appreciated in Deewani Mastani, ppl found it hysterical... now dyu see how doing nothing & just staring is also an art.

Bhansali sir is awesome , just one thing i noticed that he does nt do much when it comes to war scene . in bajirao mastani also war scenes were very short and nt upto the mark . coz Bajirao was nt just famous fr Love , he was a warrior and Strategist also . but i hope we will get to see some Rajput Ghatka (martial Arts ) , coz Rajputs were very discipline Fighters and their way of fighting was very different

Deepika is dancing so well as if she is doing this form for years . Now here comes a big responsibility of a director hoe to draw out the best in an actor... lovely reviews fantastic song n dance it it. Looking forward for this movie anxiously as vansali's movies always give extra wings to get wonderlust

deepika padukone I have so many questions...
How did you manage to learn such a difficult dance in just a matter of days?
How did the diyas not fell off of your hands while you were twirling??
How did could you shake your hips while twirling with such a heavy costume ?
What's your secret for looking so graceful all the time?

Hahahaha.. Deepika fans are too funny.

How do I stop myself from doing this whenever "Devrani,jethani khele.. Saasu ji ghoomar khele" plays

I just can't stop watching the video! Her big eyes, expressions, killer waist moves...uff Deepika ufff you killed us

Hi Deepika.

After about 15 times watching. You noticed that the background dancers had fire on their head.
Trivia: The background dancers are professionals who have been trained in Rajasthani folk dance. None of them are amateurs.

After about 15 times watching. You noticed that the background dancers had fire on their head.
Trivia: The background dancers are professionals who have been trained in Rajasthani folk dance. None of them are amateurs.

Every little thing she does is magic can't wait to see this magical movie on big screen

#11 now (Algerian trend) Youtube list

#Ghoomar is trending in many different countries on YouTube

When she looks straight into the camera and smiles while doing those hand moves

WOW Ghoomar Trending in Palestine #11


I have lost my heart to Deepika. This is loveliness that cannot be explained in words.

Ghoomar makes me feel so proud to be associated with the Rajasthani culture. And deepika padukone what a marvel you are

now rajput is brave royalty warrior community of india rajasthan...and ghoomar is our rajputs dance form and jwellery coustume are rajputi and yes sky i am rajput and rajasthani i am proud

Ghoomar is rajasthani form of dance where women get together in their best garb and dance in circle. "Ghoom"(er) means to Twirl.
The twirling had nuanced choreo changes. 3:30 (of your video) the first twirl is simple with both hands open and then they throw the right hand before the second twirl. Same at 4:14 .
The other telling thing about the style is the hip movement and the steps at 4:43 (of your video) is a very signature step. The twirling with the hip movements.
And last but certainly not the least steps at the beginning 2:50 (of your video) are also very typical steps of this dance form.

They did good. They did really good. True to the dance form (keeping in mind that this is for a movie). They didnt try to 'movie-ize' it.

She wore 15 kg of jewellery, 30 kg costumes especially for this ghoomer song.4000 diyas are used in this.rajasthani folk dancers came to train deepika. And she perform this song in just 1 week.due to heavy jewellery her neck was too badly injured so shooting was stopped for few weeks.its the introductory song of deepika.she took 79 rounds in this song with those heavy jewellery.

Is it December 1st yet??? That is all I want to know lol!!!

I hope this made you proud my Rajput Pineapples

Thanks SLB.Love the Indian history and culture you show in your movies.Keep going.Waiting for 1st December.

deepika padukone being a marwadi we are loving the way you dance in Ghoomar absolutely brilliant fantastic fabulous next dance icon

One word about Ghoomar song is Outstanding..!This last shot was perfect..deepikapadukone Ur incredibile.. Sure Hardwork pays off.

She is so elegant and poised and beautiful. SLB was right. She brings dignity to the role. SHE IS A QUEEN. Such grace!

Those foot taps along with holding diyas.
deepika padukone I am speachless

I can only imagine how happy you must be right now with all the praises pouring in deepikapadukone
Your hard work paid off

Rani Padmavati was there through out. Wasn't she.

Never thougth Deepika is a great dancer but she was pretty good on this one.

A true queen. Doesn’t have to make a limited supply just to seem exclusive... and Yes that’s shade

Raja & Ranisa's eye contact scene in Ghoomar left us shocked! It was done so perfectly!

She isn’t graceful ? ok watch this again with people and watch them How they define her

.deepika padukone should officially be declared the incarnation of all royal women of India.

I keep watching Ghoomar and I came to the realization that “Deepika was lost in the crowd” is the highest form of compliment you can give! My girl was so perfect you couldn’t tell her apart from professional trained Ghoomar dancers!!! I’m shook y’all.

The stunning visuals of Ghoomar distract you & don’t let you appreciate the incredible richness & production values of the composition!

I’m not over the way Shahid looks at Deepika... HIS SMILE IS SO PURE Ghoomar

Just showed mom #Ghoomar -who doesn't watch one movie a year or more,hates theatre.Loved it. Says reminds her of Ash act

Something about this song is very poetic though. The queen and her people "lived by the fire and died by the fire". Their greatest ally and their greatest foe. Love it! ghoomar

While shreya ghoshal has done fantastic job in #Ghoomar, let us also praise Swaroop Khan and the other singers in the song

Ghoomar . What a masterpiece. Goosebumps deepikapadukone No one can do it better than this. No words.. just wow

Ghoomar The burden of the icon laboriously shows. All 30 kgs of it I'm told

It's about 3 am but Im listening to #Ghoomar @shreyaghoshal @deepikapadukone

Obsessing over Ghoomar. What twirls deepika padukone !!

Great choreography, but the song is a let down after the trailer that I had liked a lot.Ghoomar

Well shot song of ghoomar of padmavati . The dance steps of this song was first of it kind from other movies. The ending of the song with diyas in the hand is nicely shot. The dance sequence looks like it is well rehearsed one to make a perfect one.

Truly a treat watching her ... hard work pays .. certainly.. 66 twirls for a song ... what a dedication eagerly waiting for 1st De

No one could hv done it btr than u......being a rajasthani m so greatful to watch this...nobody could hv depicted our culture with this grace.....thanku so much for u Deepika nd salute to Sanjay Leela Bhansali sir.....

This large scale movie shows that it doesn’t require holi, diwali, Eid dates to rule audience heart ! You just need a great visionary director and some great believable characters

Amazing Amazing performance.
Difficult dance.
Great location.
Expected better colors and light effects.
Camera panning n zoom effects could have been better.

Deepika Padukone is indeed the best Bollywood actress by far.. lots of love n good wishes... love u for the passion... dedication and for the efforts that u put to be the best ALWAYS...

Love her so much. She is so so beautiful. However the person who did the photo retouches hasn’t done a good job in my opinion. There’s shadows added in places that make her look like she has facial hair, unibrow. Love her outfit and jewellery.

Never thought u in this dance nor imagined u doing this...lovely so graceful... Very soft expression.... U have not used ur complete energy while waving ur hand.... Superb Deepika superb I can't express in words.... I want to meet u once that's it..... Love u dear keep entertaining us like this always and let u succeed in ur life god bless u dear

Stop comparing Deepika she is a legend and she is the Deepika padukone love u deepu u just nailed it what an expression, dance, music just loved it and take it as a movie no need to make an issue or comparison

Love u alot dipika sis i am from bangladesh ur crazy fan

Couldn’t resist commenting, what a visual treat it is! Well done!!

after see "ghoomer"song my respect raise all the bound for impactful dp proved she have so patince.every bit of second oh my god...none other actress who done like this..i proud of myself dp is my favourite actres

From a role of Veronica in Cocktail to Leela in Ramleela & now,Padmavati she is a versatile actress

deepika is fav .. icon ... beauty with talant .... i dont find exact word coz word seems smaller infront of deepika talant nd beauty

watched ....after madhuri dixit and aishwarya rai ... ghoomer song.....deepika padukone is looking like a royal princess in ghoomer song.

U r fab mam.... u r my icon
U hold one of the greatest personality in Bollywood
I m doing a lot of labour on my studies whose one reason is to meet you once... also
Love u mam...
May god bless you with highest peak

Most beautifully presented, choreographed and danced by a very beautiful and graceful actress. ...Deepika Padukone. It's a treat to watch.
All the very best.

Waaaaaaw... Ghoomar song is totally defined the royalty.. This movie going to be a biggest hit in Bollywood industry

Deepika Padukone really looking like a royal princes. And dance is just mind blowing. Another blockbuster given by the trio Shreya Ghoshal Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Totally mesmerized by deepika padukone’s performance on Ghoomar. Is there anything that this woman can’t do?? Insanely talented & beautiful!

Hats off to her man for pulling it off with that heavy lehenga When you fan dance with 30 kg You can talk Now go home

So,I tried to do the hip shakes in Ghoomar ,and I can't tell you how funny I looked while doing it
Deepu How you did that!

It's Already Top on playlist
And ruling hearts all where
Beautiful and Mesmerizing

"Deepika still can't dance" okay tbh I'm loosing it. This person is a total blah who proudly stans one of worst dancer in Boolywood Deepika have numerous legendary songs What PC have Zanjeer item song

Don't be bitter.
Try to get better. But Hating taking so much time Go and work on yourself

same to you dp

Remember when she said 2017 is gonna start with a bang? Well soon she's gonna end 2017 with a bang too. My queen slays

Expressions on point
This is definitely one of the best song of Bollywood Can She make every movie in Bollywood I know its impossible

Thaare ehsaason ki raunak hai mhari Diwali
Mann mehal ki saari deewaarein
Thaare rang rangwa li

Something about this song is very poetic though. The queen and her people "lived by the fire and died by the fire". Their greatest ally and their greatest foe. Love it!

The choreography is brilliant, sticking true to the original folk style. I wish we'd see this more often, it reminded me of Shahid's brilliant folk dance in Bismil from Haider

Ghoomar song grows on you, every time you watch it. The attention to the detail is key. Aesthetics, every prop that has been utilized is there for a purpose

Deepika absolutely nailed it, this was not a piece of cake. Ghoomar is NOT easy to reciprocate whatsoever, this just might be her toughest song till date

In every new film,Bhansali reaches a new level of magnificence.
In every new film deepika padukone attains a new level of elegant brilliance

Not only "Padmavati Rajput Pride", its Pride of Hindu Culture as a Whole vch survived 1000 Years' Jihadi Onslaughts bcoz of such Sacrifices.

Ghoomar is our dance tribute to the brave Rajput women of Rajasthan~SanjayLeelaBhansali

Royalty. This woman is royalty. Even when she’s dancing.

ghoomar is the most viewed video worldwide in the last 24 hrs beating the likes of taylor swift, selena Gomez camila cabello and little mix.

the current talent standard of india is so low....that if a wooden heroine makes 2 expressions ...they say its marvelous.....its like if u r 0...then 1 seems glorious....long shots by director show the actress's limitations that the director is mighty aware of.....pv post this

Ghoomar is trending in many different countries on YouTube I am from turkey and my country loves aamir now They know Deepika abd boy ıts in top five



The Legendary Sanjay Leela Bhansali's cinema makes me smile and jump from within! Magician!!

Rajputana love! From a Rajput!

Haters : that lady siting in the song, stole the show.
Deepika : i’m the lead actress of this movie *takes 10crores check from slb*

she is sooooo rich,making crors and crors

i need the money, can you give me one crore ?

So one person is posting comments and one more is writing multiple comments to discredit them? I wrote a few and they weren't posted, she is getting universal praise with less than 8% dislikes on youtube, that's huge.

she is so proud

There are a few trolls here who can't bear to see deepika rise pass their faves. Once u realize she's above all her peers you'll find peace. Slb chooses her for his vision because she has a gravitas and screen presence no other bollywood actress has.

There's no one like dp ... she's from MARS !!

yeah? so is she an alien ?

Deepika PR wrote 15-20 comments in the last 15 minutes. PV post this simple truth


iska dance dekh ke toh mein dar gayee

Spot on

Spot on

hahaha so funny

Hips don‘t lie, they said. Ghoomar

we ca see dp's hips with mr. vin diesal

I might just break my record of watching song video on repeat (prev record DeewaniMastani) Deepika you rock gal

they are praising her so much like she is a dumb

Boring, yawn

Dp is so over proud and fake

Let me say what no one else will say: Ghoomar is much better than Dewani Mastani.

Next they will say , DP IS GOD

dont worry about what few BW fans say, the public are loving it. its trending of youtube, google trends everywhere,everyone is praising her

with practice even i can do this dance.its not looking that hard. lol,if not me then pc or ash can surely do it big deal !

Who is everyone? Deepika's one-liner fan has written last 15-20 comments. Me, my family and friends didn't love it at all.

I‘m obsessed with Deepika in Ghoomar

I liked the Lungi dance better !

We can see that from the last 15-20 comments coming from the same one-liner fan.

No one commenting one line Honey Jealous is injures for your health

true,i agree,and so said rk about when people were making hate coments about mahira.she got so much hate comments for her magzine cover,no one defended her then ,it was just a simple mag cover not even a movie poster .where were slb and other biggies who didnt even rebuke that ?

I’m literally crying & so proud of @deepikapadukone at the same time reading comments & tweets specially “ Proud to be Rajasthani “ Go check the twitter people

Nay.dancing pole

No director in bollywood can create the grandeur that SanjayLeelaBhansali creates on screen. Simply majestic.!!

In every new film,Bhansali reaches a new level of magnificence.
In every new film deepika padukone attains a new level of elegant brilliance

The response to Ghoomar is PHENOMENAL!
People are praising the visuals, Deepika, Shreya and Kruti's work!
Kya baat hai!

The response to Ghoomar is PHENOMENAL!
People are praising the visuals, Deepika, Shreya and Kruti's work!
Kya baat hai!

Deepika has done brilliant job. She's dancing so elegantly and with such grace it cures the elderly of arthritis
There's honestly no actress in current lot who could do what she does. Her stage presence alone surpasses any of her peers. Her Beauty, Poised is unavoidable.

one of the funniest comment i read above ;This dance can cure the arthritis

Dance is the hidden language of the soul..Deepika dances her heart and soul out..She is just beautiful

Infact, SanjayLeelaBhansali is probably the ONLY film maker who celebrates the history & culture of India on the silver screen!

My mum loved your dance in Ghoomar and this is coming from marwari Rajput. Proper ghoomar, she said. Amazing. Graceful.

The makers have made it look so colourful and authentic, just like the city of Rajasthan! Amazing!

Background dancers deserve the same amount of appreciation as deepika does..They all are astounding..

No one could play Ghoomar better than deepika padukone
Every dot in the song is perfect
She nailed it

Ashwarya or Kareena could do it easily

Padmavati Rajput Pride Respect for this beautiful queen, Ghoomar is mindblowing !

Grand Ghoomar Sonnng so far...I have already started copying the steps of the song Listen Ghoomar now

The amount of efforts you've put in this song is clearly visible yet it looks so effortless. Like how?!

She's back with a bang!!!!!

Mixture of excellence, pride, beauty, culture and what not!! deepika padukone Ji, You're a demi God.

As a film maker & as a composer, SanjayLeelaBhansali presents the richness of our cultures like no other film maker can!

They wanted to show us that it was a queen dancing. Every step we needed to identify who is the queen.
Her GRACE is the identifier

Those eyes speak volume and beauty

Very sad to see the opposition Padmavati is facing. You’re only pushing a man who celebrates your culture to start ignoring it.

Is it so difficult to suck it up and appreciate her good work? THE SONG IS HERS.

10 million views in a day, if that ain't Deepika's power I don't know what is.

After seeing Deepika yesterday I have to say that I think she would make an amazing Draupadi in my dream epic directed by SSR+SLB

You took the words out of my mouth.I have said that on Pinkvilla before.Dusky Draupadi Deepika.

Gracefully she twirls at her marital house infront of Raja Sa & rest of female family members. Jethani, devrani

Oh my god Deepika will be performing Ghoomar live for promotions!!!

The beauty, the elegance, the grace, the power....Deepika nailed the entire dance. So incredibly breathtaking

There was a Madhubala in my grandfathers time and now i m gonna say to my grandchildrens there was a deepika padukone great work in ghoomar.

very very nice ghoomer song.... I am Rajput... Me jarur Jane wala Hu special groomer song ke liye..all the best deepika

super hit song and super blockbuster awaiting inshallah

Ghoomar bought rajasthani folk dance to a forefront. I as a Rajasthani is truly proud of it and wish everyone else is too

to be very honest. #Ghoomar's choreography had me shook. Like the girl did her best. can't help but appreciate how she danced! Amazing.

Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be..

The iconic "Khamma Gani" ritual at the start of folk ghoomar was so well played

Deepika has always been an underrated dancer. The steps look easy yet are hard to master.Effortless

So I was watching Ghoomar with my mom and aside from the fact that she loved it, this happened:
Mom calmly: you didn’t know? Like she didn’t tell you? Shame on her.

Deepika, Shahid, SLB and team have brought to us the absolutely beautiful Rajasthani cultural dance ‘Ghoomar

she’s on her own league & her fandom doesn’t need to bring others down for publicity

now trending at no.1 on YouTube & touching 14 M views.A look at the buzz on google trends

people outside pinkvilla are actually liking & acknowledging her efforts while some here are with same complaints.just let the views coming in

How do I stop myself from doing this whenever "Devrani,jethani khele.. Saasu ji ghoomar khele" plays

Chalo first song is flop waiting for the next

ahahahhahahahahaha, I laugh enter botox and plastic market. 0nly 24hr and Goomar hits 15million views

This video is trending since yesterday, and that is the power of Deepika. Haters are unable to digest her popularity and are commenting non stop from yesterday on pinkvilla, but else where on youtube, people all over the world are loving her and hence the 15 million views in just one day for this video. Proud to be a DP fan

Talk about hypocrisy, dp pr writing hate comments on every posts , attacks on all actresses ,so shameless then they act like Saints

Lovely, superb dance and expressions by Deepika. Youtube video will be reaching 15 millions views in next few minutes. This is a record for an Indian actress. Deepika is breaking all records. She is the best we have. All the best team Padmavati

Disappointing. Shahid and Deepika both look good

You have lots of jewllery can you give me some?

Remove Ghooomar audio and add it to nagada song.....SAME !!! No difference.... Deepika work on your expression.. Even i can seeh that, cant your directors. The talent in madhuri's pinky finger is equal to the entire deepika padukone, shahid kapoor put together

Rajput king should have been Aditya Roy kapur hands down, Shahid does not suit the role one bit..and Deepika needs to work on her expressions, maybe watch Madhuri songs a little more.. overall would watch the movie if the reviews are good only to see Ranveer, not that I am his fan, but he is the only one who looks suitable for the role. Imagine Aditya as the king with his piercing eyes, gives me goosebumps even thinking about it..

Aishwarya and Hrithik in Jodha Akbar were masterpiece

oh Shahid why r u in this movie. NOT LOOKING GOOD . KING NOO NOO NOO. PV PLS.

How can a srilankan princess born n brought up in srilanka do ghoomar... has she learnt from sm one after getting married

Deepika is spellbinding.

Ranveer is so chipku...

she is over hyped

Deepika is a QUEEN! She litterally nailed it with this performance!!!

I am a Queen too. lol

Beautiful song. A breathtaking combination of fluency and fluidity. Bravo Deepika this is beyond beautiful.

Overproud DP

iam also a queen.yayyy

Deepika is like a rare ruby glinting in the setting sun. Wondrous.

Dp ,there is no one like her ,she came from MARS !

Spot on

Hi dp !

Hello Kat..nice to see you hear..hope you are having great time enjoying Ghoomar.

Wonderful song. Wonderful performance.

Dp and her pr praising here

DEEPIKA does not suit a Queen's role. She's not beautiful enough and although her face is graceful, her body is not, it's Amazonian and most suited for fighter type role. Her acting skills is not great either, just slightly above Katrina's in expressions, so her fans take advantage of that to bill her as some great actress which she's not. She's stiff here and her strong suit is playing crazy, messed up girls. Ash has aged only so and talent or, would have been better choices.

Dp over proud,that she is the only beauty in the bollywood.gosh

Spot on!!

You wont like it the first time.Watch it 2 or 3 times and then you would play it on loop

Neutral audience loved the song...More than 10 million views on youtube..trending on #2... Haters gonna hate...rotis gonna rotate and what not..Lol

I think if this movie will not work only if Deepika and Shahid, Deepika does not look queen at all, she is beautiful but not in this. I don't know why she looks so unattractive. Shahid does fit as a king. His personality can suit a king's son but not king trust me. Ranveer Singh just nailed the look and the aura of khilji. I don't have any idea.. But he is great whatever he does .. I'm not a fan of anybody but a genuine fan of Indian cinema and Sanjay Sir.

Slb is absolutely amazing. Speechless. As a rajasthani myself, deepikas ghoomar dancing is good but not anything spectacular that’s expected for slb.

Just wondering how much better this song would have looked if Katrina did this!!!

Kat is fit for chikni chameli and sheela songs. She cannot carry out something like Ghoomar, Deewani Mastani and Nagada. She is never done these types of songs ever. I agree she is a great dancer but ghoomar only dp can pull off the her generation actress.

Katrina was first offered Ghoomar was supposed to be Katrina's item number in Padmavati..
But Deepika manipluated Bhansali and ousted Katrina..and now this song is ruined!!

Hahahahaahahhahahahahahahaahhahaahhah good joke ! Kat hahahahhahaahha

karinat not as fake as Dp

spot on

aahahahaha, you aren't even ashamed of the word item number

Hahaha, dp madam, you also did item numbers too.remember ? Don't play I AM A SAINT game !

Just like she was the first choice for padmavati and then slb gave a statement "No never". Kat is not a slb heroine and never will be. KKK can be good slb heroine. But KAt,"NO NEVER"..hahahaha


Katrina would have danced better in this song

Kareena could do it to easily !

I am SLB and Deepika fan, but I hate this song!

Shahid was chubby during his early days. He needs to eat. honestly he is very handsome and good looking man. But he doesn't suit to be a king

Shahid needs to eat yaar. He is looking like a chu a

Love it or hate it but you def cannot ignore SLB and Deepika. Ppl are comparing this to Bajirao Mastani.. That movie was 2 years ago and yet everyone remembers every frame. I saw Judwaa last week and honestly I dont remember anything.. Give credit where its due. The man knows how to capture your senses and she def has an x factor.