Pari Trailer: Anushka Sharma's film is a tale of a deserted girl possessed by an evil spirit

The trailer of the much-awaited Pari featuring Anushka Sharma and Parambrata Chatterjee is finally out. The trailer is sure to give you sleepless nights wondering what is in store for you. The film is directed by Prosit Roy.
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Anushka Sharma has been teasing the viewers with teasers, posters and screamers of Pari for a while now. Today, the actor has finally revealed the trailer for her much-awaited film. The trailer is sure to give you sleepless nights wondering what is in store for you. Going by the trailer, the film looks like a tale of a deserted Anushka possessed by an evil spirit. 
Parambrata Chatterjee gets Anuskha home and here's when things start going downhill. Anushka is scared of the spirit and wants him to save her. In one of the dialogues, you see Anushka telling Parambrata to save him from a man and then the scene shifts to an unknown person taking out his eyeballs. 
Well, nothing much is revealed in the trailer, but it has surely raised the curiousity levels with the fans as to what Anushka will be offering different in the trailer. 
Watch it here: 
About the film, she had earlier said, “We have gone by instinct in choosing good cinema, and the audiences have liked both our films.Pari is a strong, engaging story and our team is brilliant. It's the kind of project that I love producing and delivering to audiences."
When asked the reason for choosing a horror film as her next, Anushka had stated, "Love stories also don’t work at times, but there are lesser examples to make here. This genre isn’t one that has been tried-and-tested. I believe it’s got an untapped potential. India watches a lot of horror and it’s an interesting space. Horror doesn’t always have to be about ghosts coming out of closets. It’s a theme. It’s the treatment and that’s what is exciting. This genre has not been explored too well in Bollywood, which is why I got into this. I want people to always expect the unconventional from me."
Pari is directed by Prosit Roy. The film is slated to release on March 2, 2018
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Not a fan of Indian horror movies but this looks very good. Gonna watch it:)

I always complained why Anushka does the same thing over and over again. I will complain no more. Because now I can see that she genuinely can't do anything else convincingly. She is made to play the bubbly Punjabi (now Gujrati, thanks to the horrible JHMS) girl. How she gets movies is beyond me. I'll give her the benefit of doubt though. I guess she has something I can't see.

Let’s see how many people will see this film. 75% of people are going to support virat, lol

Is this supposed to be scary? Cos it's not.

I respect her efforts but this looks funny and not scary at all. Signature anushka faces in every film


Looks legit. Seriously better than some horror films they have here in the US, TRUST ME. It's hard to get a good horror film nowadays that doesn't just rely on jump scares, this only has like one. I like the track.

Looks laughable.

Anushka tries different genres and I respect that. Still, this looks more funny than scary.

Flop film. All that Anushka does is to copy from english films and not even give them their credit

Oh really so you mean honour killing on the basis of love marriage and marrying a tree these concepts exist outside India also? Which foreign film have you seen them in please let me know . Don't say anything just to put down someone at least she has the guts to produce films that talk about such topics which other a list actor is doing it ?

I like Anushka guts to experiment ... she's a A lister but still exploring different genres ( horror is generally attached to C grade actors / tv actors )

That’s silly. Urmila did Bhoot at the peak of her career.

Wow she is giving her best

Looks amazing


Not too sure about this.

I like the horror but the only terrfying thing here is her face.

I'm not a fan of a horror genre but Pari looks interesting. Anushka is always giving best performance in her production movies like in NH10 which I think was her best. In other movies she plays the same loud and annoying girl. I couldn't watch jabh harry met sajal till the end because of her overacting but here I already love her performance, will watch Pari for sure.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement