Priyanka Chopra - "Exotic" PARODY by Superwoman

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Youtube star Lily Singh or better known as Superwoman is back with another super hit video. This time parody of Priyanka Chopra's Exotic. Don't know how many of you know her but she makes new videos every Monday & Thursday. Priyanka Chopra also tweeted about the video.

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Credits :youtbe


OMG I LOVE SUPERWOMAN she is so awesome and so is this like how is it possible for someone to be this fabulous??? This parody is my new theme song. :D

All her videos are awesome.

not my cup of tea, but its a good effort. i personally liked priyankas video i think she did well, she is still new to hollywood and she has done way more than other bollywood actress. and she can actually pull off the western accent. go priyanka!

this is much better then the original..totally hilarious.

ue, 2013-08-20 18:52 — Anonymous
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this is really tacky like shes looking for attention...


lilly singh is already famous...yahooo has a feature on her and al jazeera has featured her arranged marriage video.

Love superwoman...she is my inspiration..beautiful, does comedy with a heart

this is really tacky like shes looking for attention...

Somebody cast this girl in a Bollywood movie... she rocks!

loooooooooooool she's so funny and talented

Hahha!! New buddies!!

hhahahha superwoman is awesome!!

She is funny!

it's funny but they stretched it.

I like it.

Lol! It's half way funny! Love her hair though

I watched all her videos, she is super funny lol.

i thought the video was funny, but honestly it was a bit overdone like she wasn't naturally funny, she was forcing it. theres a difference.

I love her videos!! She's super funny!! LOVE HER! ♥♥♥

hahaha ! Lol ! that was soo funny... n nice try..whose that woman? :P

Hahaha, that's awesome, her videos are always so funny. I love how Priyanka loved it as well.

shes a hit or a miss..more of a miss

omgg i know herrr! shes HILARIOUS...after watching the vid i just realized how little it takes to pull off a video like exotic..10X more talent in the parody hands down

hahahah...awesome :)

now i can never unwatch that. :/

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