Priyanka Chopra: I am a crier, I cry all the time

In an interview with a leading international publication, Priyanka Chopra talked about her personal life. She also answered many other questions in a rapid-fire round. Check out the video
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Priyanka Chopra has managed to win hearts across the globe and has become a household name. Her popular TV show, Quantico and Hollywood ventures have made her one of the most sought after female actors.

In an interview with a leading international publication, Priyanka talked about her personal life. She said, “Marriage and kids are a big goal for me. I’m a big believer in the institution of marriage and in the family, and in kids, I want to have a lot of them, if God allows. The only problem is, I don’t know who I’ll do it with.” She also revealed that she has been single for a year.

She also answered many other questions in a rapid-fire round. Priyanka was asked about the last time she cried, Priyanka said, “I cry all the time, I am a crier. I cried last night, I was with my friends and it was Friday night. I just got emotional about the fact that I was living in New York for so long. I was missing my other friends. I am a crier, I can’t help it.”

In the same interview, Priyanka was also asked ‘Who should be the President of the US’. Priyanka said, “Anybody will do at this point of time. I don’t even think I need to explain why’. What is your take on her response, let us know in comments.She also talked about her wish of learning a musical instrument. Check out the video!



Yeah shez a cancerian, they suckers for mush


such a cutie!

I cry from laughing while reading your interviews too

Agreed! She's so funny and cute!

Her interviews are always great!

Priyanka is trying to show the "human" side of her. She has always been secretive about her emotions and private life in general. I think her PR has decided that she needs to relate to her fans, rather have just this powerful/successful woman image all the time.

good keep crying you deserve it.loser.

She has no issue being a crier... she cries about small stuff anyways. Being rich and famous she really doesn't have big things to cry about.

Boring now.

love her. plase bebo fans. pc and bebo are friends now and stop writing bad comments please

OVER-SMART & a 'ME ME' attitude of PC

Who else is she supposed to talk about in HER interview?

So much Drama.

That's y shah rukh left

Love her.

She’s intelligent!


She's so sweet

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