Raazi Trailer: Alia Bhatt aka Sehmat will leave you with a tirade of emotions

Alia Bhatt plays an Indian spy in her next titled Raazi which is directed by Meghna Gulzar and also stars Vicky Kaushal. The gripping and soul-stirring trailer of Raazi is out now.
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"Watan ke aage kuch bhi nahin, khud bhi nahin."

Alia Bhatt is ready to knock the socks off of us yet again with her bold and beautiful act in Meghna Gulzar's directorial, Raazi. 

The movie which also stars Vicky Kaushal is based on Harinder Sikka's best-selling novel, Calling Sehmat. Raazi is about Sehmat who is a daughter, a wife to a Pakistani army official and an Indian spy.

Yesterday, we got a few glimpses of Alia's character with the help of three posters which showcased the different shades of Sehmat. 

Today, the trailer of Raazi has released and it will induce instant goosebumps. We are used to seeing Alia as the girl-next-door and when she sheds that image for a raw avatar, she leaves us mighty impressed and Raazi's trailer is no different.

In the gripping trailer, we see Sehmat assigned to be an Indian spy by her father as she gets married to Vicky's character who hails from Pakistan. We see the softer moments between Alia and Vicky and the action-packed moments as she trains to be a spy in enemy territory. Alia's tirade of emotions is clearly captured in the entirety of the trailer. 

Watch the trailer below:

With just the trailer, we can see Alia possibly giving the performance of her lifetime. Would you agree!?

Earlier, in an interview with a daily, when Alia was asked if she had read the novel Calling Sehmat to which the actor said, "I had not read the book when Meghna came to me about a year-and-a-half ago. There was just a basic one-line story idea. I told her that this is something that I would love to do. Usually, we greenlight a script, but in my head, I had agreed to do Raazi even without the script. It’s a true story, and when I heard the turn of events, I had goosebumps. I couldn’t believe it. Then, they came back to me and I read the first 20 pages of the story and I knew that if I want to do that one film a year that challenges me, this is that film. Actors want to do that one big Hindi film every year, but I want to do that one film that will completely challenge me and turn everything upside down. It happened with Highway, Udta Punjab, Dear Zindagi and now with Raazi. I am so scared and nervous to go on this journey, because of the kind of intensity of this character."

Raazi is slated to release on May 11, 2018.

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vicky kaushal's & Alia Bhatt's great performance loved the movie Raazi

vicky kaushal's performance in Raazi was excellent & Alia as usuall gave a geat performance .They make a great team together.

vicky kaushalllllllllllllllll <3

I think Alia is a really good actress. She's young, talented, trying different roles - kudos to her. Nobody's perfect, but she definitely stands out in her peer group. She may come from a film family, but I think she's gotten past that and is getting roles on her own merits. Those who don't appreciate her will always use her family and friends as an excuse.

I think she has done a fabulous job in the trailer and I think she is such a good actress . But reading the comments - I agree that episode with Parineeti Chopra is disgusting. It’s so funny how stars claim others troll them but feel the need to bully and do the same thing to others to make themselves feel better. I feel there are some bitter fans on here..But with privelage and talent, Greater heights are expected and that’s the case with Alia. Alia is such a good actress and credit shouldn’t be taken away from her but there are defintely negatives to her career journey as well. I don’t think Priyanka or deepika are associated with a particular mentor and known for given work on the ease and to me these are real superstars. to me you can have all the success and films in the world but not being self earned is something she will never be. Instead of being bitter, appreciate her work. She already has her insecurities. Constant nepotism talk and saying she has it easy is jut getting old cause there’s always a truth that they know better than we do. Pv pls post.

All this hate for Alia. I’m the first to say I find Bollywood annoying at times and the whole nepotism thing very true. However Alia may been a product of that but she is talented. I saw her in udta Punjab and was blown away and I think she has talent ! This is also good. You have to give credit where it is due. Also she is willing to take chances in her roles which is good thing. I think she’s going to have a good long career ahead !

i like alia as an actress. and she is talented. but i srsly get pissed off at the industry support and favortism, biased tendecies given to her at an unnatural level. no one is trolling, but I think it is unfair and it makes me mad when her contemoporaries are not given same atention for their good work, and though they have potential are not offered the same films. Kjo overpromoting her on kwk...srsly dissing her contemps like say a parineeti on the show is gross and unprofessional. also alia comes across as entitled and better i dont admire that about her at all.

Jerry in jewelry.

Alia always looks like she is trying to act. She is still a bit RAW. It doesn't look natural. It looks like she is making effort or trying a bit too hard. Even in Udta Punjab and Highway, she was overacting in parts with flared nostrils and a screaming loud dialogue delivery. Having a strong killer PR machinery and powerful godfather like Karan Johar can get anyone to the top. Thank God Vishal Bhardwaj took 2 outsider girls for his story of bitter sibling rivalry between 2 sisters. Yet hardly anyone on Pinkvilla commented on that post compared to the star kids' posts even ones who haven't debuted yet that is the power of nepotism.

She looks especially like a kid playing dress up here. Will likely give this a pass as none of it’s really working for me. This is award bait tho, kjo knows what he gave her. He is an effective mentor

Think this movie has a very interesting plot ..

Why must Pakistan always be put down?

Good point

This movie looks like movie salt of angelina jolie

Don't know what but something is missing, not a Alia fan but nor a hater, just didn't find her convincing in the trailer.

Geez! When it comes to Alia people scream nepotism, she has the best scripts and all... She may come from a filmy family, she may have support from kjo and all but, just this but, is she the first to come from a filmy family? Or is she the first to have support from kjo? Others before her have gotten such opportunities(and some are still getting) and they were not trolled this way. We can judge, we can hate, we may even troll for as long as we want to but know this; hardwork, desire to be better ,passion and fate is all I see in this young lady, she may not be perfect but trust me, she's not here to play at all. She's gonna keep evolving and people will only keep at what they know to do best: troll. All the best to team RAAZI with love from Nigeria. PV kindly post

Simply bc most of the people who comments here PR of other actresses ,disappointed struggling actors and ordinary people who hates nepotism...add to that she is not beautiful and kjo unlimited support for her make it hard to like her...he force her on the audience and use cheap tactics to promote her...but again if she was a hot guy like fawad they will support him and blame kjo for everything...

Very interesting . I agree about Alia being given innumerable opportunities not given to others ,but she should be appreciated for trying something out of her usual teeny bopper roles . So many young actresses (& plenty of top actresses) are content reaping the rewards of doing miniscule roles in big budget movies with superstars . If this movie portrays Pakistan in a negative way , they are not going to bother seeing it.

alia makes it double incredible!!!!!!

So, India admits sending spies across the border!

i thought someone filters through and doesn't let d u m b stuff to be posted

Not impressive. Seen the same shade of acting before.

lool who loves alia? little kids maybe? won’t go to watch this
she is so irritating
Karan give apportunity to others too

alia looks tooooo young for this role. she looks like a child cause shes still a child. someone like kareena would have been perfect for this role. i think sonakshi, anushka, bhumi pednekar, nushrat bharucha would have suited the role better than alia. alia is a good actor but looks odd in this role.

Aalia and Varun can try all they want, they just can't hide their elite upbringing the moment they open their mouths. Terrible diction.

If you think that diction is not deliberate then you are highly mistaken. Such an irony talking abt other's elite upbringing. Know your country first.

It seems interesting. I like Vicky Kaushal but I will miss this movie because of Alia. It's annoying how Karan puts her in every damn movie, no matter if she is good for the part or not. Here she looks too young for this role, like a child-bride and it looks disturbing. Someone like Radhika or even Bhumi would be so better for this role. Alia is cute and a decent actress but she is not good FOR EVERY MOVIE.

weell done alia..ur d finest actors of today gen..she has a dedicated fan following..she is doing dese type of movies which iis great thng..people love alia and dey wil go to watch even offbeat movies coz of her starpower..hope she continues doing it:)

Looks like an extended version of Preity Zinta's character from" "The Hero: Love Story of a Spy" movie

KJO supports his dear jerry the most but hate gains Sid

ur not upto markk..just rest troller:P

she is a whole package..she is pretty actrs well...hats off alia:)

alia is pretty..nobody needs ur validation!

woooowwwwwwww. looks like allia bhatt is going to deliver another moving amazing performance

her voice, diction and delivery of dialogue were not up to mark sorry...sounded like a child who just learned to speak in hindi

She's speaks in urdu in this.

Good acting but someone else with more mature looks+acting would have looked great.

Being a kashmiri, I neither liked the dialogues, nor the accent and the costumes aren't upto the mark. We have thick accents, especially in earlier decades, now the accent has less influence on urdu. And kashmir in 70's was hip and cool, like other states in north india. My mother and aunts, used to wear those tight dress with bell bottoms, now things have changed.
Anyways Alia would do good, because of the backing up by many industry wallahs, so would the movie because its patriotic. And meanwhile Iam searching for a director who will atleast show some authenticity with the kashmiri theme(because Kashmir probably is the only state that has high persian influence in language, cuisine and culture)

Come on guys, u have to credit alia for her undeniable talent. Agreed abt her having it easy but she is undoubtedly more talented in terms of acting than most of her colleagues. Glad she is trying out different themes. She should just venture into non-dharma films more often. Hoping gully boy with zoya will be even better.

Its very refreshing to see Alia in every frame and everyone else supporting her...BW is changing in terms of female centric movies

This is Highway 2...Alia will impress everyone’s socks off and will take the entire credit..although the difference here is that this is a biopic on her character and Vicky, like Randeep, will be completely sidelined and forgotten

The movie is based in 1971..when child marriages were still a norm..so Alia is actually perfect choice with her baby face..and in Muslims, even today, girls are married off very young with lot of age difference between spouses..PV plz post

May be u have visited chandani chowk, btw kashmir has the highest age at which females marry!!! And NO NOT EVERYONE HAS HUGE AGE DIFFERENCE. dont generalize because you are defending Ms. Alia bhatt

One more brilliant performance by Alia in the waiting #impressed

Her choice of scripts is laudable...very daring and offbeat characters one after the other

i rectify the scripts that are given to her because she always has a good producer in Kjo is laudable.

I didn't like it. I don't know why. Is it because it reminded me of priety in mission Kashmir?

alia is a good actress...but put another actress, put a contemporary in her films and give them the same opportunties, they would also impress. she gets the best films in her genertion, she has the most support, it makes a difference. I have never seen an actress publicity supported to the level that she has been. ever.

from student of the year to raazi, alia has come a long way.
i dont know any actor aged 25 has grown as much as alia.
sure, nepotism, karan johar and all that, but you have to give credit when its due, and alia deserves the credit.
she is brilliant in the trailer of raazi.
You go girl, chalo lets lift it!

She gets the opportunities most people round her age group don’t because of kjo which is nepotism!

OMG She looks kid to hold gun.

I was looking forward to this trailer but now slightly underwhelmed. Not sure if it was Alia or just the theatrics of the other characters but this feels like a snoozefest.

Oh may now I know that until may 11 media will be full of annoying news about Alia, praising her and trying to make her look like a hardworking actress and not as the true productos of nepotism she is. I feel sorry for Vicky, he is really talented but Alía and Kjo will take all the recognition and credit. It will happen the same way that happened to Randeep Hooda and Highway. Alía is the most overrated actress in Bollywood! So unfair!

Vicky acts really well , subtly acting on point. ALIA is good but need to work on dialogue delivery and voice modulation. Nation theme is interesting. This year there are couple of nation theme movie inline.

Vicky acts really well , subtly acting on point. ALIA is good but need to work on dialogue delivery and voice modulation. Nation theme is interesting. This year there are couple of nation theme movie inline.

Karan is Grabbing all the good content for his nepokiddies. Look at Alia, Varun , Siddarth, and that play RK. Karan camp count is increasing so the PR game to ditch the talented ones and feed his nepokid

Since when is siddharth nepo kid? Get ur facts right! Simply want to blame star kids for no reason!

Karan has became a.movie mafia. Coming up with cheap PR games and trying to shutter other actresses and actors. He has brought all media's and industry people under him and trying to suppress the real talents. Grabbing all the good content for his nepokiddies. Look at Alia, Varun , Siddarth, and that play RK. Karan camp count is increasing so the PR game to ditch the talented ones and feed his nepokids

Varun, Alia and RK are the best in the industry. More power to KJO

Always knew she was a good actor. Y'all keep putting her under the "nepotism" title but at least she's taking the good scripts that come and improving.

Karan has became a.movie mafia. Coming up with cheap PR games and trying to shutter other actresses and actors. He has brought all media's and industry people under him and trying to suppress the real talents.

She is ok, l liked Hicki more. The reason I said good but not excellent is regarding her voice modulation and dialogue delivery is not upto,. But the nation theme is good. I guess this there are lot of nation theme movie inline.Also vicky kaushal is good and not Bright future

Ok, where are the sniveling "queen DP" fans? This trailer is boss, just like the Pari one was, and female centric. We all know how Deepika doesn't even have one movie on deck. Alia and Anushka are banging out movies like there is no tomorrow!

get over your obsession with Deepika. The fact that you have to go around comparing every Bollywood actress with Deepika to put her down tells a lot about her position in the industry. Deepika, Anushka and Alia are all amazing women in their own right. Stop this stupidity.

Alia's dialogue delivery and voice is far better than Deppika or Rani.. So pleaaseee dont find faults you jeloaus person. This is going to be a super hit movie........

I will go support my girl just like I did with Anu and later Kangana. Don't need no male stars.

it's strange that there is not even one negative comment on youtube...hard to digest

I'm impressed. And no nonsense link-ups? Proud of you Karan.

Super hit

eh, wanted to like this more but don’t find her compelling enough. i think radhika apte could have been a good fit

There is no compariosn pleeaaseee. Alia is the best in the industry today..in looks, in talent, in singing, in acting , in dialogue delivery, youthful looking.. Radhika looks old and washed out

um alia is not pretty. shes a good actor, but looks really?


Duuuuuuudeee! I'm hella impressed. This looks incredible. Let's do this, Alia!

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