Rajkummar Rao: The biggest DIVA I have ever worked with is Kangana Ranaut

Rajkummar Rao and Radhika Apte appeared on BFFs with Vogue that is being hosted by Neha Dhupia. In the ‘Say it or Strip it’ segment, Neha asked Rajkummar, “Biggest DIVA you have ever worked with”. Rajkummar was quick to answer, ‘Kangana’.
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Rajkummar Rao and Kangana Ranaut worked together in Vikas Bahl’s Queen. The film was widely accepted and Kangana achieved super-stardom after the success of the film. Kangana and Rajkummar are all set to work together again in Ekta Kapoo’s Mental Hai Kya.

The team released posters of the film; Rajkummar and Kangana’s quirky avatar has created a buzz around the film. “It's an amazing script as it is very quirky and different comedy. Kangana is such a powerhouse performer and we are coming together after Queen along with Ekta Kapoor (producer) so it's going to be lot of fun,” Rajkummar had said about the film.

Rajkummar Rao and Radhika Apte appeared on BFFs with Vogue that is being hosted by Neha Dhupia. In the ‘Say it or Strip it’ segment, Neha asked Rajkummar, “Biggest DIVA you have ever worked with”. Rajkummar was quick to answer, ‘Kangana’.

In an earlier interview, Rajkummar had called Kangana ‘sweet’. He had said, “It was great working with Kangana. She is really grounded and she is a really sweet person. I can say that this film is packed with Kangana's best performance till date.”

During the show, Radhika Apte is asked which actor or film-maker should retire and she names Ram Gopal Varma. Watch the video here and let us know your thoughts in comments.

About Rajkummar, Kangana had said in a recent interview, “He is a star today while still being a brilliant actor, so I will have to be on my toes to ensure he doesn’t steal the show from right under my nose.”



Did he forget Sonam kapoor too...??

I have always considered Sridevi, Sushmita and Kangana to be DIVAS... and they all are fantastic....

sushmita sen??

She is a great actor, I care less what she does in her personal life. That needs to be done with all actors especially people with filmy background, we give them importance more for their personal life than their films and that is how they gain fans s

and people say vivek's career got ruined because he went against so called powerful guy .yeah right...then how come this women's career is still intact though she has messed not only with one but a whole a lot of powerful guys?! even though unlike vivek she didn't have connections to bollywood through her father...I used to believe that Salman did ruin vivek's career but seeing kangana it has made me change my mind...truth is it was his bad choices in films and his big mouth that ruined his career it is people who make or break a film..and Salman never forced anyone to not go and see vivek's films in theatre if he really had that much power then he would have made all of his films blockbusters but we all know his share of flops.. any way best luck to the team it does seem like an interesting film..all the best..pv please post it too a lot to write..

I’m sorry but Kangana hasn’t had a hit movie for few years already. If she doesn’t change then she’s definitely going the Vivek way.

Kangana is a diva because she demands perfection and wants to be part of the director's vision, but Aamir Khan is a genius because he demands the same and is known for numerous takes to get a shot. Sounds like a bit of a dig at Kangana or could be an unconscious bias on how female actors are viewed....or maybe for TRP for the show...nowadays it can be all of the above. #kanganarocks

I think it’s more to do with Aamir’s sheer PR ‘genius’ rather than how female actors are viewed. He has a 10x better marketing team then Kangana and isn’t as outspoken in interviews

Isn't it Ash? Lagtha hai yeh bhi pagal ho gaya hai. Or was it a Sarcastic comment?

Awww they are in love. Kangana shud marry this guy

Ha ha she is not gonna be offended. Friends can make fun and made fun of too.

The biggest diva is aishawarya rai Not kangana physco Ranaut maybe you should concentrate on your work rao

She knows she is one haha but it pays off. She delivers amazing performances and gives her full 100 procent to whatever she does. She is not here to pamper ego's.

The lack of actual hits demonstrate that it doesn't pay. As does the growing number of people not interested in working with her.

Eagerly waiting to see Queen jodi once again. All the best Rajkumar bhai❤❤❤

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