Shah Rukh Khan attends his hairstylist's sister's wedding & the video will fill your heart with joy

Shah Rukh Khan makes his hairstylist's sister's wedding day special as he surprises her by attending her big day. The reaction by the people present there was of pure joy and love.
Video,shah rukh khanShah Rukh Khan attends his hairstylist's sister's wedding & the video will fill your heart with joy
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Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a great fan following over the world. The superstar loves his fans a lot and has always been grateful to them for all the admiration, love and support he receives from them. The actor makes sure to do something or the other to make his fans feel special and surprised.

Recently, the Dil Se actor surprised a groom and a bride on their wedding day. The superstar attended his hairstylist Raaj Gupta's sister wedding and surprised her. In a video, SRK can be seen entering the stage from behind. The moment he enters, everyone present at the hall starts cheering loudly. Shah Rukh Khan even hugs the bride and the groom.

This video will not only make you feel happy but give you goosebumps. The way SRK is welcomed by the people and the way he hugs the newlyweds is truly pure and wholesome. He looks handsome dressed in an all blue suit.

Recently, the superstar met one of his fans on her 50th birthday. He also gifted her a scarf signed with his autograph.

On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is currently busy with the shooting of Ted Talks Season 2. Khan had also hosted the first season of the show last year.

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Enough of flop actor following.
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Of course no wife in sight.

Now this is called 'Being Human!'

No it did not fill my heart with joy. Flop buddha

Get a job, lunatic. Your mom and dad must be so sad they produced you.

PV, take your responsibility about all this hate and jealous around SRK and his family from some anonymous who are paid to do that. SRK never hates anyone, he is a great human being and the best actor and entertainer in Bollywood. Putting him down can't make the others better. Please post. From West Indies

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He's a billionaire but he's so down to earth.

Shah is the best human being. His whole staff loves him. He is generous and kind and sweet.

Srk is a good human being, I am sure he keeps his staff happy. Hopefully he will focus on his career and make good choices.. he is a talented actor, but lately his choices are horrible, he really needs to work with some good directors and writers..

King Khan!! Can't wait for the Letterman interview. Dave is coming to India this week to meet SRK.

Such a king. He inspires so much jealousy.

Love you SRK. Such a humble and nice man.

Nope will not waste my data watching him doing the stupid lungi dance again. So boring this guy is

He should work with sunny Leone and tiger shroff to revive his career

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I think shahrukh is the most hated male celebrity on this site. He deserves the hate he gets, because of his overacting, the chlidish movies he has been doing lately and of course his affair with the so called global star oldyanka I mean priyanka

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Why does he always have such an arrogant attitude? Does he think he's God. Dude you're just an actor, even your last films aren't doing well. Ranveer Singh might be classless and a joker but he is a bigger star than you now. Accept it

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Srk next movie will make more than 600 crore, it might even break avatar's record. Keep burning haters

I just watched dilwale yesterday just because of your iconic pairing with Kajol and gosh the film was an absolute torture, its so unbelievably, dumb, loud and over the top, the dialogues, the worst I have ever heard, the comedy,the worst I have ever seen, even a person with an IQ of 0- will not laugh at those kind of childish jokes. SRK I request you to stop acting in such idiotic films. Your a gem of an actor and you're so much better than this. Stay away from stupid directors like rohit shetty, farah khan and imtiaz ali, they will ruin your career. A former fan of yours

Same dude. Same.

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The official grandpa of bollywood

He's so yuck from head to toe

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Look at him, poor uncle, he has completely lost his charm.

This grandpa needs retire now. His career is officially over

Flop actor

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