Shah Rukh Khan goes on a dancing spree on all his hit songs as he promotes Zero in Dubai; watch VIDEOS

Right from Chaiyya Chaiyya to Lungi dance, Shah Rukh Khan dances on all of his hit tracks and proves just again how he is the ultimate power house of energy.
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Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming film, Zero has been the talk of B-Town and while the trailer sure had an amazing response, the songs too have had an equally great response too. Co-starring Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, the film will release on December 21, 20018. With the month of its release here, the team is all busy promoting the film, and king Khan too has gone all out as he promotes the film in Dubai and well, looks like he is having a lot of fun too. 

As he promoted the film at an event in Dubai, the actor danced for the fans and well, it was nothing short of a visual treat as he went on a dancing spree on all of his hit songs. Right from Chaiyya chaiyya to Lungi dance, he was a powerhouse as he danced with full energy and set the stage on fire. Watching SRK on the stage is something that can't be missed, and the actor proved just why right here. 

Check out the videos from the event right here:



Entertaining every one who came with so much love

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Dubai came shining down for Bauua and #Zero. King and his magic

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Shah Rukh Khan plays a vertically challenged person in the film, and talking about the characters of Bauua and Aafiya (Anushka), director Aanandstated how he does not want anyone to sympathize with the characters. He said how Bauua being vertically challenged or Aafiya being on the wheelchair are secondary things, and the primary thing is their chemistry and the humour. About working with Shah Rukh, he said how his past couple of films haven't done all that well, and yet he went on to say yes to a film and though this is tough, only SRK could have done this.

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Why doesnt he gracefully retire.salman and him so smug and conceited about their success but at least salman still has the frontbenchers supporting him and guaranting his hits.SRK shud accepth that he's lost his relevance.i feel he and aish are similar,both scorpios cant accept their nonrelevance

You cheated and hurt your wife man..come out of this dance and promotion nonsense and apologize in front of the world..that would make you a true super star! I’m sure it’ll do well for your sinking career too.

Ya it’ll surprise a lot of ppl but it’s the right thing to do

Thats all he knows to do



Oh God no..

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