Song Promo: Naina from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein feat. Imran Khan & Kareena Kapoor

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When you meet the love of your life, you don't need words because your eyes do the talking. Watch Sriram & Dia following their heart through their eyes in the latest song from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein sung by Neeti Mohan & Kamal Khan.

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People need to stop the comments about how she looks old next to him. How come people don't say that Srk salman? They look fine.. Imran has a baby face like shahid kapoor. People said the same thing until jab we met... The song is beautiful n they look good together

i really like it!

Again no.1 post! Go Bebo!!!!! Love the song and the chemistry! Can't wait for GTPM:)

gr88 song nd as usual #1 post

Loving the song and the video ! #imranbebo


she looks really old next to him

They make the most adorable pair*.* love love love...

beautiful song with amazing chemistry..

beautiful bebo and dashing imran... rocking the song

Bebo mania! :-)

I like the picturisation..Like Kareena 's acting in this song !!!!
Please give me her Kurta's

EVERYTHING. JUST EVERYTHING WOULD BE PERFECT if only imran khan knew how to act :( Seriously, he has that face, that body, that smile, those romantic eyes, style..he has every single goddamn thing....but unfortunately he just does not know how to act yet..but I really do hope one day he will become an actor!!!! All the best Imran!

All the best Imran!

All the best.

The Gujarat in GTPM is so much more relatable and fun than the one shown in Ram Leela.. lol.. Anyways Bebo an imran look cute and am looking forward to what they do in this movie. EMAET was great and here's hoping this one lives up to the expectations:)

its funny how people like crap songs like Gandi baat and the weird songs from Ram Leela etc but not a romantic meledious song like this?? SMH! anyways I think this song is very beautiful and well sang!! This albulm is versatile it has a club song, a village song, romantic and a wedding item song!!

What sort of pairing is this? Kareena looks like Imran's elder sister.

Song is okay, nothing special. Chemistry? What chemistry? They have none what so ever.

Kareena looking extremely beautiful.
love dem 2gether.

I can't take this pairing seriously. It's not because Kareena is a year older than Imran but there's just no heat between the two. They seem more like buddies, like brothers and sisters than lovers.

The song is okay, and I don't like their pairing that much. But Kareena looks very pretty :)

Beautifulll song, Imran and Kareena look real cute together.

i love their chemistry. kareena looks gorgeous and imran looks handsome!

Imran cannot act. It's so disappointing.


Great Song !

I'm sorry... people were talking about their amazing chemistry and this is not it... I'm sorry she looks older than him and beyond that they really don't have chemistry... they look like they are friends... but nothing more... sorry not feeling it and not believable.. And I love Imran and Kareena.. just not together :(
Don't be so sorry baby:( Just relax yourself and drink a glass of water. And wash your eyes with water too. Cause they arent working properly.

they both look good-- but somehow the songs and trailers of this movie do not excite me. at all. they just look tooo platonic for a romantic-comedy. no sparks, no magic and okay camaraderie.
The background/location looks fabulous though! where in India is it? GORGEOUS locales!

So agree with u..all the romantic scene looked forced to me. Imran looks way younger than KAreena..either they need a mature hero or a young heroin

They do not suit each other - she looks waaay to old next to him!! Looks like a boring pair, boring film, boring music!!!
Think I will pass and wait for the Hrithik Kareena reunion on screen - they always did have fab chemistry!!

Too good! This is so beautiful...

lovelyy song love it

Kareena is truly the last female superstar. Lights up every frame. She has that X - Factor...UNMATCHABLE

I'm sorry... people were talking about their amazing chemistry and this is not it... I'm sorry she looks older than him and beyond that they really don't have chemistry... they look like they are friends... but nothing more... sorry not feeling it and not believable.. And I love Imran and Kareena.. just not together :(


I love the part when they watch the traditional performance and then join in.. Its so cute and fun..And their chemistry is very natural.. The way they look into each other's eyes - is it great acting, great writing, great direction or something special between the two of them;) ?? Maybe a bit of everything. Love:*

Such a beautiful song!
Imran & Bebo also look so cute together.

Pairing is not good

this song is nice. Other songs of this film are horrible, the soundtrack sucks, the pairing sucks, none of the stars have a BO pull, this film is going to tank.

Love the song!
and the looks these two give each other....woah :D

The pairing doesn't work

not bad....better than the other two songs from this movie.

beautiful song... after that 'tooh' crap i'd lost faith in the sound track for this movie. this song restores it.. beautifully so!


Beautiful song & brilliant video

Loved them in EMET
So looking forward to this movie as well.


Wohooo the begahum of Bollywood

Melodious song, like it! kareena and Imran are superb in the movie..the whole village set up is just too great!

like it
Kareena_imran look beautiful together

Lovely Song
Beautiful Kareena

Naina song rocks...kareena has many Naina songs and all are blockbusters. Another one coming!

Nice itttt

Imran and kareena both aren't star material..they are just average especially imran.

The song really bore.

Love it...

They both look good..but something is missing..the chemistry does not seem real

Loved it. they look so good together

They look so good together & now i believe KJO they should have got married :P

Kareena looks so pretty. This song reminds me of Kareena's appearance in the song "Falak say falak tak" from Tasahan.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was reminded of that song picturization from Tashan.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is aging backwards i suppose

love ittttttttttttt

Wow! love it!!

Kareena looks gorgeous. Imran is good too

This is so awesome. kareena and Imran sizzle.

Very beautiful song. The only song I really like from the movie. Both Kareena and Imran look gorgeous.

Bebo looks gorgeous but this jodi simply doesn't work for me. :(

heart touching song...

Rocking, Beautiful..

Kareena-Imran are just mindblowing in this song! The song too is nice,)Thumbs upp

Fab..they are so great together..


Beautiful it:)

LOVE this song and both of them look great together, good to see Kareena back in full desi avatar
Kamal Khan's voice is so powerful and Neeti Mohan makes the song better

Love ittt!!!!!! Nice song!!!

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