A Star Is Killed - Himesh Reshammiya's international debut

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A * is killed is Himesh Reshammiya's international debut. The movie has french director Christopher Lenoir. The film is based on Michael Jackson's death. The big question here is, who will watch this movie?

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Credits :youtuve


HIMESH ji rockz..jai mata di

Best movie hai you should carry on best trealr hai

i will watch the movie
i'am interested with the story go for it, i'am really willing to watch the movie
i cant wait for the songs as well as the movie...

Please give me the movie link

I wil say"keep doing what u like"
coz u r not doing wrong
evrybdy tries to b hero nd u tried also,no prblm.
Jst try to b successfull

looking so intreresting

LMAO@ Sat, 2011-03-19 22:26 — Anonymous
i thought himesh reshamiya was kiled after reading the title.. but this is even worse!

But seriously,All the actors in this movie look really bad,this movie seems like crap.

Sun, 2011-03-20 04:24 — Anonymous
because he did movies like Karzzz, n this movie looks like crap.He has double the Raavan of abhi
But yes hes a great music director,not much of a singer,def. not an actor

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!! This guy is seriously like on something if he thinks he can be a movie star. GET A LIFE! Stick to music, and by that I mean making music not singing. Even his biggest hits are all copies of arabic songs. So sad cuz he has no real talent. GO AWAYYYY



Lol is this a joke? Like seriously, is this a joke?? It looks like some parody film you would see online.
Himesh really needs to give it up. I don't miss his singing, but I do miss hearing his music in movies.
Oh well, his ego has reached a whole new level now.

okay, if this doesn't scream "trash" to you, i don't know what will.....

epic!!!!! worst film ever!!!
I'd love to watch it just for the heck of it, but then again...spending money on a ticket to watch it? no way!!!!!!!

ROFL @ Sat, 2011-03-19 22:26 — Anonymous, it is indeed worse than what we thought after reading the title...

OMG..i thought the same thing.....LMFAO............

Why is Himesh in this film....

dream onn MJ is MILES above scum like Himesh

Why are people so negative? How can you forget the innumerable flops Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor gave early in their career? (They still give a lot of flops btw).

Just because Reshammiya is not a big name like Bachchan or Kapoor?

Give him a chance. He's a good music director and a good singer. If he's not good at acting he will come back to doing what he does best. Why so much negativity?

bahahahahahaaaa wtf rofl

OMG, are u serious Michael Jackson, and himesh in it, FLOPPPPPPPPpp

LMAO @2011-03-19 22:26 — Anonymous ..you are too funny..! hahaha I can't get over your comment!

lol @ anon " thought himesh reshamiya was kiled after reading the title.. but this is even worse!" hahaha i thought the same way. Himesh and MJ? WTF!

i thought himesh reshamiya was kiled after reading the title.. but this is even worse!

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