Taimur Ali Khan looks adorable as he attends a friend’s party in London; check out VIDEO

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are holidaying in London. The couple is often spotted by fans with son Taimur Ali Khan at parks. Today, Taimur attended a friend's party in London.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are holidaying in London. The couple has been spotted by fans with son Taimur Ali Khan at parks. Recently, Rannvijay Singha’s wife Prianka shared a photo of Taimur Ali Khan enjoying at a zoo in London. She also shared photos and videos from Taimur Ali Khan’s play-dates with her daughter Kaainat. 

Today, Prianka shared a video from a party and Taimur Ali Khan looks adorable as he takes baby-steps while holding his nanny’s arms. Prianka captioned it, “Kai and Tim at a little summer garden party!” 

Check out the adorable video here: 



Taimur Ali Khan has been under the constant media spotlight and is the most loved star-kid. He is photographed wherever he goes, be it the park or his play-school. Sharmila Tagore commented at a recent event that Taimur is now more famous than her. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan also said in a recent interview that she wants Taimur Ali Khan to have a normal childhood and does not like the media craze around him. She also said that she does not want to stop him from living his normal life due to media attention. 

Saif Ali Khan who was in the country for a couple of days to promote his show, Sacred Games said that he is tired of answering questions on his son Taimur Ali Khan. He had said in an earlier interview that Taimur has an active social life and goes on play-dates at his friends’ house. 


Come soon timmy missing you soo much

What a cute child. It's so nice to see him growing up in front of our eyes. Its good that saif-bebo lets him hang out with other kids and don't always cling on to him and also have their own life.

Atleast his Mom is not clinging onto him as if he will run away.Nad neither kareena is taking taimur on holidays without saif.Aish is one cunning and over possessive woman who kisses her 6 year old on lips.Yuck and i feel disgusting while watching that shitty pic

Young kids rather have their moms cling to them than leave them behind with nannies and see moms go to once more parties

No mom again. Why does she need a nanny for a burthday party???

oh bless you PV! aakhen taras gaye the chotte nawab ko dekhne ke liye!! god bless him, he brings soooo much joy and happiness to people around him! I pray his life is surrounded with positive people and he grows up to be a good human!! India ke aakhon ka tara humara Taimur baby!!!

Cutiee golu molu.Can i have him for a day so that i can kiss his cheeks and pull his cheeks.Oyeeee kitna cuteee bacha hai yar yeh

Wow! They haven’t written ‘London park’ on top of pics to specify like ‘London zoo’ lmao

Because its not called zoo, it's called 'London Zoo'.

Laddoo ❤❤

OMG Bebo just come back already. You're fans are missing you and Timmy so much. Please come back fast

Look at this rosgulla walking cutely with no care in the world. Glad to see that he's enjoying himself with no paparazzi hounding him.

Where are you Kareena? Please come back. Its been more than a month since you've been MIA

Pinkvilla mein maza nahi aata jab tak Taimur aur Kareena ke posts na ho

Pls bebo come bk now missing you lot so much

Aww mera shona. Missed u so much baby❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

There are no words to describe this cute little Tim. He warms my heart. Missed him so much. Thanks PV.

Nice to see Taimur bonding with kids of his age. It's very important for growing children to be around other kids as they form a bond and learn so much from each other which helps in their growth.

Lol the once more gang is busy partying with their own family. Just coz you saw nanny holding his hand and didn't see bebo in the video doesn't mean she's not their or she's elsewhere partying. At least she's not caged him in her arms and their home. She's letting him play and bond with kids his age(like normal children do) instead of dragging him with her to red carpet, events,parties etc.

Aww look at him walking. Timmy has grown up so much.

Pinkvilla was so boring and dull since the past few days with no Taimur pictures but seeing him again made my day

OMG look at this butterball. I missed you my doll

I missed my munchkin

OmG finally !! Missed you so much little prince ! Thank u PV for sharing

Can't believe how much I missed his cute chubby face.


Finally. was missing my lil munchkin

Even on holidays, this kid plays with nanny while mommy is boozing, pouting, posing and partying with her once more gang

Try harder. Her mother was at the same party. Check instagram. She doesn't need to post pictures of herself kissing her son to prove a point

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