VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra gets goofy and quips ‘Don't you know who I am, I am a star’

Today, Priyanka Chopra stepped out in the city looking charming as ever for a brand she endorses. Her makeup artist Mickey Contractor shared a hilarious video from the dressing room.
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Priyanka Chopra is back in the country after wrapping up commitments in the United States. Priyanka was last seen on the big screen in a Hindi film in Jai Gangaajal in 2016. She has since then done three Hollywood films and the popular TV show, Quantico.

Priyanka has Bollywood two movies that will go on the floors soon - Bharat and The Sky is Pink. The films will go on floors this month. Apart from prepping for the films, Priyanka is also busy with commitments for the brands she endorses. Today, Priyanka stepped out in the city looking charming as ever for a brand she endorses. Priyanka kept it classy in a monochrome outfit; soft curls and nude makeup completed her look.

Her makeup artist Mickey Contractor shared a video of Priyanka from the dressing room. Priyanka gets goofy in the video and is seen saying, ‘Don't you know who I am? I am a star!’

Priyanka gives intense expressions in the video and cracks up with Mickey. Check out the video here and let us know your thoughts in comments.

Mickey captioned it, “MAD! MAD!! MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @priyankachopra”



MAD! MAD!! MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @priyankachopra

A post shared by Mickey Contractor (@mickeycontractor) on

Meanwhile, in Bharat, Priyanka will star opposite Salman Khan. She will have five different looks in the film. Her character will age from 28 to 60 in the film that is the remake of the South Korean drama An Ode to My Father.


In Shonali Bose’s film, Priyanka will essay the character of Ayesha Chaudhary’s (to be played by Zaira Wasim) mother.



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