Watch: Alia Bhatt beautifully sings a song from boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor's film in this throwback video

In a throwback video that we found, Alia Bhatt sings a very popular song from Ranbir Kapoor's one of the hit films. Check out the video.
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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are the newest couple in Bollywood. The duo fell in love while they were shooting for Ayan Mukerji's Brahmastra
Ranbir reportedly asked out Alia during the New Year's Eve this year. Initially, there were only rumours, however, the rumours became stronger when they arrived together for Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding reception together.
In June, in an interview with GQ magazine, Ranbir Kapor admitted to dating Alia Bhatt and said that their relationship is still new and needs time.
The couple has been then spotted together at various occasions. Alia Bhatt was snapped several times with Ranbir at Sanjay Dutt's house. Recently, Ranbir Kapoor was clicked at Alia's residence when he met her dad Mahesh Bhatt and the three of them were engaged in a conversation.
Meanwhile, we found a video from an event last year in which Alia Bhatt is singing the title track of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor's movie. She beautifully sings the song and you'll definitely enjoy the video.
In several interviews, Ranbir and Alia have spoken fondly about each other. Both the actors have expressed their desire to get married and settle down. Alia had told Hindustan Times earlier that she wants to get married by the age of 30 and wants to have children.
Coming to Brahmastra, the film also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Mouni Roy. It will be a trilogy and the first part will be releasing next year. The film is being produced by Karan Johar.


Hum ko maaf karo Aloo parantha...Neetu ji ke saaamne gaa.Shaadi teri neetu kapoor ke sath honi hai .Shorty Dal chawal is one shrewd n cunning girl ..her pastime is to jump from one guy to another..diagusting Aloo parantha!!

How much money KJO has invested in Brahmastra that he is so desperate & completely ruining the life of a girl who he calls daughter or he simply cannot accept the fact that Varun is most important to Alia in her life & not Karan, someones ego is hurt badly & how. Disgusting

U shuold write this on every kjo and varun post!

Seriously Karan is sick person.alia ur showing courage just hv to show more..nd walk out ...plz.. Karan will ruin ur life.

Varun reads pinkvilla. Save alia ..she needs yo:(

I use to think alia is not good but in rk alia fiasco I hv noticed alia doesn't want to get involved much and it seems true even there is a blind abt that now.alia looks like she is mentally getting tortured on the hands of kjo .when she is not saying anything abt rk .kjo is releasing articles abt throwbacks and wat not.i feel sorry for her:( what is Karan doing with her life.she will break down one day .so much pressure he is putting on the girl:(

Go check guys blind abt alia in opinionated indian.she is snubbing her pr team.ita also written rk is openly talking abt der relationship while alia is not maybe coz there mentor has forced them to fake the relationship.alia is in fix I guess.she is definitely not liking this linkup..

RK not only openly talking about her,but he is using his old tricks, calling papz to take pics and make videos on the balcony !

I get it.anybody who is neutral and doesn't hate alia has already come to know this that rk is milking this fake relationship big time.alia is getting forced by Karan to carry on the drama in the name of brahmasahtra.her eyes are giving it away that she is not happy.

I was telling you all before also .alia seems reluctant this time.ita rk who seems desperate.alia is less involved.i think she realised that she doesn't need or she is already a success.m happy for alia if she is coming to her senses:)

She has faked it with Sid varun Arjun Ranbir , she is pro at faking it she is not in a fix she just wants to look like Missy two good shoes after backstabbing Kat and dating her ex, and counter the hate she got for this link up

One thing is for sure she never faked love with varun.everyone with sense can say she has true feelings for Varun.

First they kjo/Alia/rk create the circus than blame their PR they are made for each other they should marry

Oh please I thinking baby names, I want to marry before 30, I want to marry for kids, ranbir is all heart, I am singing adhm , I have a crush on Ranbir and that blind is make her look good after the hate she got for this PR stunt. Kjo /Alia/rk are into it no one is innocent

The blind seems to b true nowonder Karan is only putting throwbacks stuffs..alia is not showing up on any major events with rk where it could hv made such a big bang.she seems to be purposefully avoiding being in same frame as rk other than wrk schedule..chalo acha hai der se hi sahi ldki Mai akal toh aarahi hai..

Do u know the meaning of forced?she is doing coz kho is telling her to's not coming natural also.totally fake!

The blind seems true to me also..I dun like alia.but I will support alia if she in few months puts a full stop to this drama:)

Why she didn't attend IIFA wid rk when he was willing to appear wid her.why she didn't attend Neetu party which could hv given her so much linkelight.why dis she didn't appear wid rk in Ambani bash..come on girl grow up wid ur hate.i m a girl too .nd the blind seems true..alia seems quite unwilling this time.there are lot of evidence..she looks so washed out nowadays.hate apni jagah but if she is realising her mistake it's a good thing.nd the blind is definitely true.:)

I dont have a problem with alia n rk.whetger its for a movie or in real. Pr or reality. But please can alia not sing? Not that she has a bad voice. But more than a voice is needed to make music. There are a lot of singers. ..she is not musically talented. Bas aise hi.
I think alia was very good in raazi and udta. And i love rk. But she needs autotuner.

Now, this was more saying the words then signing! How much over hyped kjo is going to do! I am so turned off!

Awwww lovely jodi


She is a big let down.. Will not be watching her movies . Well, to date I have seen only 2 of her movies. ROFL..

alia/papa j sweeties in the movie ayan sang it when missing his ex ROFL

She sings nicely...I remember a few weeks back Ranbir was on his knees for Deepika Padukone and this same song was playing in the background. It was so romantic and as if he really meant it.

I liked alia but she dissappointed me .how can they fall in love in Bulgaria when Jan beginning she and varun at Nickelodeon's choice award were looking at each other so lovingly.again Ranbir said he wasn't happy wid the linkup in late jan.den how did he proposed her in new yr eve.? Everything is a lie.sab jhuth..alia ur ruining ur life girl.. career Apne jagah person peace apni jagah Hoti hai..kya kare Rahi ho Apne lyf k Sath?

she really cant sing

Kya bakwas hai Sara chic fake lgti hai.. bullshit fake PDA..har Roz ka drama..kab khatam hogai..pure net par thi Sab..Insan na padhna chahe bhi toh padhate yeh log..ekdum bakwas.

Karan has no new stuffs.. just putting

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