Watch: Anushka Sharma's presence makes Cricketer of the Year Award more special for Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was presented with the Polly Umrigar Award (Best International Cricketer). The Board of Control for Cricket in India honoured Virat with the award at the annual ceremony in Bengaluru.
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Virat Kohli has been presented with Cricketer of the Year Award by the BCCI today. He was presented with the Polly Umrigar Award (Best International Cricketer). The Board of Control for Cricket in India honoured Virat with the award at the annual ceremony in Bengaluru.

BCCI official handle tweeted, “POLLY UMRIGAR AWARD for 2016-17 season goes to #TeamIndia Skipper @imVkohli at #NAMAN.#BCCIAwards.”

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma were clicked at the airport earlier today en route to Bengaluru. The couple arrived at the awards gala together and were their charming self. Anushka dressed in a black outfit looked stunning. Wavy hair and nude makeup accentuated her look.

Virat Kohli kept it classy in a black suit. After receiving the award, Virat Kohli said on-stage that it is special for him since he is receiving it in the presence of his wife. “My wife’s here today, so it’s more special. The Awards didn’t happen last year, but I am glad they didn’t, as she is here today,” Virat said.

Check out the video:

Well, Virat and Anushka are definitely setting relationship goals! Let us know your thoughts in comments.

The couple has been spending quality time together now since after their wedding in December both Virat and Anushka have been busy with their respective professional commitments. Anushka was in the United States for a month for the shoot of Aanand L. Rai’s Zero, whereas Virat was busy with South Africa tour and the IPL season.

The couple tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony in Tuscany on December 11, 2017.


it seems HE is the one, making IT work, otherwise, she always looks disinterested and camera and PR loving.
she married him, only for extra fame and money. No one gave a shit about her, before she started dating him. PV please post.

How does he not see this? Heart breaking.

i guess initially his family was against this Marriage, may be that's why he keeps praising her to show them, that he din't make wrong decision. there, was a pic long back of them at airport with his Mom, who din't look happy around them. dunno, may b i am wrong, but it looked that way.

I understand he "loves his wife", but he was a successful cricketer before he met her. All his coaches, family, friends, they are the ones who deserve a mention from him. I always admired Sachin Tendulkar always giving credit to his coach and his brother for his cricketing success.

virat: "my award is anushka's award, none of anyone who actually contributed to my life's award"

They only want attention..I have seen him crediting his mother or family..its always her..I don't want to compare but DeepVeer seems more real..they seem more in love.. When Ranveer won filmfare he did credit DP but went on to thank his parents and sister..Again when he was asked about women in his life..he did credit his sister, mom and grandma...
also I don't think anu loves Virat..she loves his money more i guess... Intially with DP I felt the same..She is friends with benefits with RS, but now it does not seem like that..She actually loves him...I love how randomly she mentions RS in her interviews, likes his pictures on insta etc..not like Anushka giving appearances ony during film promotions

So special because my wife, who I only met in 2013 and never cared for cricket, had prejudged me arrogant and lucked out because of a brand she longer endorses, is here.


There it is. Your go to retort when you have no other response because someone's spoken the truth or facts. Grow up, kid.

Hater? Are you 15 years old? Grow up.

grow up?? what are you 15 years old? learn to accept the truth

Everything I wrote is the truth. STFU.

Actually sickening.

If he's gonna dedicate all wins to her, we have free reign to blame her for losses and such?

You (we) don't. He does.

I still don't get the hate she is subjected to. If my partner isn't performing well, is it my fault? Or let's say if my partner isn't performing well because he gets distracted by his own wife's presence...should I stop watching him play and support him unlike other wives do?

I think we are quick to blame her instead of virat being held accountable. No one questions Dhoni on his low plays because his wife and daughter are there. Or am I wrong?

Not all players, just Kohli. His performances when she's in the stands are pretty useless. He used to be more focused on the pitch when he was single, not concerned with PDAs. But she gets more attention now than she ever did before they met and he's rich, so she ain't bothered.

It was my wife's birthday like six weeks ago so winning this in front of her makes it special.

People should mind their own business. It's lovely to see someone expressing their love for their partner and he can do it everytime he wants is his life after all and it is a nice thing to do.

Mind their own business? They're doing it in public.

Love the fact he loves her so much.. just like many of us have supportive partners, standing by us forever.. Nobody can ever be like your partner not even our parents.

Kohli loves that saying “my wife”. I think he really just wanted to get married and have that life to be honest

It's a shame he settled for Anu. He would never have gone for someone non-famous but he could have chosen any girl he wanted. Any 'normal' girl who liked him through cricket wouldn't do. Instead he chose someone who makes out with anyone including a man in his 50s.

I feel so too as if he always wanted a partner. It sounds as if she is the only person who deserves all the credit for all his achievements. He is more vocal than her, and its fine if he takes her name a few times, but chanting her name all the while! His PDA off and on the field is a little too irritating.

I agree! Like bro we get she’s your wife calm down. I also feel it’s a way to promote her as well. I’m not her biggest fan mind you

lol definitely biggest hater, oh wait there is more, mind you!

No credit for family who's supported you till you met her? Just PDA again

Give a credit or mention to your mother also sometimes

*gag* why do these two always feel the need to engage in PDA and showing off??????

gagging behind your screen lol, hope you are still alive.

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