WATCH: Fans left shocked as John Cena challenges Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship in a steel cage match

WWE fans were in for a surprise when John Cena challenged Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, inside a steel cage match. Check out below to see glimpses of the match.
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John Cena is a name synonymous with WWE as everyone, who is anyone, knows the Cenation leader. For years, as the face that runs this place, John dominated professional wrestling. Whether you love him or hate him, Cena always drew the biggest reaction from the crowd. Now, the wrestler is concentrating on his flourishing Hollywood career and is on a part-time basis with WWE. After his recent release Bumblebee, fans were excited to know that Cena would be returning back home during the WWE Live events.

After wrestling Baron Corbin and hugging it out with Vince McMahon at Madison Square Garden to a thunderous welcome back, WWE fans were shocked when Cena challenged Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship, in Uniondale, New York. The stipulation for the exciting bout? A steel cage match! If Cena were to win, he would have broken Ric Flair's record for most world championships with 17 wins. However, the match ended when Bryan hit Cena with a low blow and escaped the cage.

However, the 'Hustle, Loyalty and Respect' wrestler sent fans back home happily when he 'Attitude Adjusted' Bryan after the match. Known for his heartfelt promos, John gave an impassioned speech to the fans in attendance to close out the show.

Check out videos from the steel cage match below:

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Meanwhile, in some more exciting news, Vince, as Santa Claus, revealed on WWE Raw that Cena would be making his televised return next week on both RAW and Smackdown. 

However, Cena will not be a part of the pay-per-view Royal Rumble as he begins shooting for his next movie on January 20, 2019.

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