WATCH: Katrina Kaif gets into DANGAL mode for Tiger Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif trains hard for Tiger Zinda Hai.
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Katrina Kaif is training hard for upcoming film, Tiger Zinda Hai and her latest Instagram post is a testimony to this fact. She uploaded a video wherein she is seen knocking her opponent down and to say, she is seen getting to Dangal mode. 
She captioned the video as, "It's Not the size of the person that matters in the's the size of the fight in the person .... training for action."  Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will be seen performing some high octane action scenes in Tiger Zinda Hai.
Well, Katrina Kaif had a near death experience while shooting for an action scene for the movie in Morocco. 
What happened is that Salman did a racy action scene on horseback, Katrina had to get behind the wheel of a fast car. While doing so, Katrina apparently was too close to getting injured. Speaking about it, Katrina said, “This particular shot involved driving a super-fast car in the narrow bylanes that Medina is famous for. These tiny lanes make it nearly impossible to navigate. I did train for a fair bit, but during the crucial scene I ended up crashing the car into a wall.”
She further added, “I could have been injured, but the crew was more worried about the super expensive camera mounted on my vehicle! But the good news is, I didn’t get hurt and got the shot right in the next take.” 
Watch the video here:


train for acting for love of god train for acting!

She is a perfect woman, her husband will be luckiest man

Kaf fans lol u think she is perfect to play indian superman lol...boh indian (bhartiyeh) lagteh heh nahi toh kya play kreh she look full firangan..n please dont insult indian beautiful womens by comparing to this botox firangan...

Yea dp anything to be in news

Anything to be in the news.

Okay, and? She is showing off because? Dancing and action stunts are just a minimum requirement for films. Can we get some videos of her taking some acting classes. Oh wait, that would be so hilarious as the teacher would probably fail her for being so bad. This woman can't even emote. Who cares about your stunts? Half of it won't even be done by her anyway....

Her captions are so lame. What is she even going on about? What fighting are you doing in reel and real life? Your life is so damn easy. You can ride on the back of your sugar daddy and get paid for being a bad actress. And these stunts are not even done by you. Even the stunts in Kamli were done by a body double.

Wow she is perfect for playing the Indian superwoman.

So? Why not try to do your job and ACT!

Clinging on men, what she does best

Dp still obsessed of kat lol

Dp aunty crying

Katrina is still so obsessed and jealous with Dp

Yh that’s acting wow her expressionss mindblowing.. nextt

omg shes amazing

this is kat

Live hot

Axis start

My Queen Slay


Dp still jelous

Katrina still obsessed with Dp and jealous. Be neutral and post it

This is not kat. Video is shot in dark , slow motion and from far.

They say love is blind but this kind of comments proves hate is blind and dumb

Well done

wow so amazing! well done Kat

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