WATCH: Priyanka Chopra declare her love for Nick Jonas on a Birthday Cake; States she can bet her money on him

The cute and adorable duo, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were recently seen holidaying together in a ranch in Oklahoma. She celebrated his birthday in the presence of his family and friends with a beautiful declaration on his Cake. Take a look.
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Some love stories make you believe in true love. And the ones of our favourite stars end up giving us couple goals. Same is the case with the most amazing couple of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Their relationship and chemistry has filled everyone in the world with mushy and warm feelings. Recently, they both were rokafied in Mumbai in the presence of their loved ones and the pictures that came after were absolutely magical.



Since then, the two have been glued to each other. Be it Priyanka accompanying the global sensation on tours or their recent holiday on a ranch in Oklahoma or just spending time alone on an exotic island in Mexico, the two have been spending every moment together like a lovestruck couple. Recently, on Nick Jonas’s birthday, Priyanka Chopra arranged a surprise for him along with his friends and family. The most amazing thing about the celebration was Nick’s cake on which Priyanka chopra confessed that she can bet her money on him.

Take a look at the cute video:




Isn’t that absolutely adorable? The global actress, got the cake designed in the shape of Roulette table with cards, cigars and an adorable confession, “I bet my money on you.” Such a cute revelation by the Desi girl makes us believe that love is absolutely magical and whenever it happens and whoever it happens with, it will leave you feeling happy. We wish the two a happy future together and can’t wait to see them become man and wife soon!



Nothing will stop PC from marrying Nick now

SRK will stop her. Mark my words.


The headline and this entire article is so out of context

The cake company posted this video, a longer version. Priyanka didn’t say anything. Pinkvilla should do their research.

And the article is written by Twinkle Khanna. If that is real Mrs.Funnybones, i would love to read some nice articles on general topics like Women, Career, Spirituality or on anythingelse thats interesting. Not this bolly gossips.

Seriously such a strange thing to say to your fiancé on his birthday. What was she thinking?

She didn’t even say anything. Pinkvilla just making up stuff

I believe his story it because it's typical for this Chopra!

PC is reaching 40 with zero films on hand . this is her over active PR trick to stay in the news. I doubt if this " marriage ' will ever happen.

Priyanka’s shooting The Sky Is Pink right now and has Vishal Bhardwaj’s Twelfth Night next year.

Yes only few scenes not the big role.

That is a bizarre comment for a life partner. People know this is fake right?

Priyanka/NICK. best wishes and a very happy birthday, Nick- pl stop smoking.
it is not good for you and second hand smoking is equally bad for PC. She is Asthma patient. Get help and quit cold turkey. All the best.

Why should he take care? They are only together to make pics. Priyanka needs them to make ppl believe she would be in a relationship with Nick. Same time she's together with SRK on Twitter and Insta again ;)

sad person. pl get help.

SRK and Priyanka were never seperated. This "engagement" is only another try to hide their affair. After the "jacket drama" hasn't worked they created this. Btw this Jonas boy is gay, nothinhg new.

thx for confirmation, noticed this also!

Yes, for her its all about money netting her money on him,??? How can you say that to someone u love

What a strange thing to say...!

This seems more of a show than true love, sorry not buying it.

Her daily desperate post! YAWN. No one cares.

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