Suhana Khan's Venice getaway will awaken the tourist in you; Here are all the VIDEOS

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is holidaying with her close friends in Italy. She is enjoying her summer break by chilling with her friends in Venice.
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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan is holidaying with her close friends in Italy. She is enjoying her summer break by chilling with her friends in Venice. We came across videos from Suhana Khan’s trip and she seems to be having a great time with her friends. Suhana looks beautiful in an off-shoulder top as she rides the gondola in Venice. In another video, Suhana can be seen laughing her heart out with her friends. She looks extremely stylish and chic in these fun videos that have been surfacing on social media.

Suhana Khan is the cover star of Vogue Magazine’s August issue. The cover was launched by Shah Rukh Khan at an awards event. SRK's daughter looks stunning on the cover that reads, “Suhana Khan: Student, Theatre Lover, Future Star.” Suhana exudes elegance on the cover in an Emilio Pucci dress. Suhana made a confident debut and also talked about father Shah Rukh Khan and her acting aspirations in the interview with the magazine. While many appreciated the cover, the magazine also faced backlash for having Suhana as the cover star.


My babe is enjoying i love you.. Video ..@shanayakapoor19 thanks aloottttt

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The Vogue magazine cover sparked the debate of nepotism again with users questioning Suhana’s credentials for her to be on the magazine cover. The team of Vogue faced so much backlash that they disabled comments on social media on all the posts of Suhana Khan.


Sorry it did not awaken the 'tourist' within me

Thope do ab ise hamare sar pe - seriously. Yaar she is too mediocre...sharam Karo KJo and Sharukh...give 1/5th of a chance to someone really deserving than this obnoxious kid

Her parents should soon gift her a TIME Magazine cover and also get her wax statue done in Madame Tussaud's even before her debut...Did we miss anything else??

Stop stalking her, pinkvilla!

I honestly feel for this girl. She's going to receive a lot of hatred & flak in years to come. Hope she's strong enough to withstand the storm

When I was 18, I could not even dream of those vacations! All the things money can buy.....

Please watch Tapsee Pannu's latest interview with Anupama Chopra where she says it took five years for the industry to consider her good enough for a magazine cover!! Feel sorry for so many of these young girls who will never be able to realize their dreams coz of these good for nothing nepo kids!

Still doesn't make her pretty

All the comments here speak only of PURE ENVY.. please realize you people everybody is born based of their past karma.. she and all star kids indeed have done a lot of good karma to enjoy what they get and do in their lives.. lets just wish good for everybody... envying and trolling will only add to your negative karma.. please live and let live.. understand the laws of universe .. nothing is by accident everything is per the karma we do and choose..

She has gauri khan’s body and SRKs face.

this young girl had so much potential to keep the enigma around her intact, unfortunately she has become a social media star and nothing more...


Unfortunately, no amount of surgeries will help her!

if she is that desperate to become an actor...she could probably try theatre like Nandita Das and do some good Netflix shows like Radhika Apte..but then, there's lot of competition there too! But paying money to watch her on the big screen would be a little too much:-(

Ok a rich girl is going in glamorous vacations sponsored by daddy. Good for her. But who is this important or relevant?

Sorry ... the harder she tries to project herself in press, the more ridiculous it looks! If she is indeed in love with "acting" and not just the glamour of it, she could try the stage instead. She may have a better chance at performing in meaningful non-glamorous roles.

Wish someone who cares about her future could be real and tell her look the pics are making you look silly people are laughing despite what your fawning hypocrites say. Get a profession fast that does not involve showing your face, I am not being funny, she has great value just like anyone

Suhana should not come in movies. She can be behind the camera.

"She is enjoying her summer break by chilling with her friends in Venice."

Her break from what?

Suhana's friend is prettier than her,

So this is what it means for a star kid to "struggle"

If only such were the struggles in my life

poor girl! her parents release her pics every other day and she is trolled mercilessly on social media! Do her parents not like her? atleast release her single pics as she is clearly overshadowed by anyone standing next to her!!By now you must know that your daughter is not much of a looker even by normal standards:-(

Well said

I cannot relate to her at all. We are simple people who like simple vacations.

What life, party and holiday 24/ 7, no need to study..

Having a famous last name has become the currency of Bollywood !

In such a hurry to grow up.. whats the rush ?

Na re. It won't because not all of us have a rich daddy to pay for such vacations.

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