Vincenzo: Jeon Yeo Bin REVEALS Song Joong Ki helped her act freely; Says actor often bought food for actors

Vincenz is set to premiere this year. Ahead of its premiere, actress Jeon Yeo Bin opened up about working with Song Joong Ki.
Vincenzo: Jeon Yeo Bin REVEALS Song Joong Ki helped her act freely; Says actor often bought food for actors
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Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin will soon be seen together on the small screen with Vincenzo. The show marks the duo's first collaboration. While fans are eager to see what the on-screen couple has in store for everyone, the actress recently shared her experience of working with the Descendants of the Sun actor. Speaking with Elle Korea, Jeon Yeo Bin described the actor as someone who often bought food for fellow actors and staff working on the sets. 

She added that given her character is someone who pesters people, she was hesitant to do that with Song Joong Ki. However, the star helped her get comfortable with the idea of pestering him. “My character is the type of person who keeps pestering other people. I felt embarrassed doing that to a senior actor that I just met, but he would always say, ‘It’s okay to do more.’ Thanks to him I was able to act more freely and naturally," she recalled. 

Speaking about the show, Jeon Yeo Bin said that the set helps her gain confidence and courage. “When actors return home after filming, they sometimes feel unsure of themselves and wonder if they did a good job. But after coming back from the ‘Vincenzo’ set, I’m full of excitement. It’s a set where I can gain courage and confidence," she said. 

Jeon Yeo Bin plays the role of Hong Cha Young in the show. Her character is a lawyer, just like Song Joong Ki's character on the show, and she works at Korea’s best law firm. Yeo Bin's character is interested in knowing how advantageous or disadvantageous of a situation is for someone instead of looking at the person as good or evil. 

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Anonymous 3 months ago

I am very excited to watch any move with the genius Joong Ki. Keep making good movies, hope you make another romantic one soon