Vincenzo star Song Joong Ki leads Drama Actors' Brand Reputation Rankings for the month of May

Published on May 05, 2021 07:41 PM IST  |  337.7K
The official poster for Vincenzo starring Song Joong Ki

Considering the high ratings of the ongoing dramas and dramas that recently completed broadcast, the rise in popularity of the actors' reputation as a brand is inevitable. This also helps the production team to pick actors for their upcoming projects. The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation analyzes brand big data to determine the amount of change in brand reputation. On the basis of consumers' participation, media, traffic, and community, 50 actors appearing in dramas aired during the time period of one month - April 5 to May 5, were analyzed.

According to the list produced, the top ten drama actors for the month of May are Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, Jang Na Ra, Song Kang, Ok Taecyeon, Lee Seung Gi, Pyo Ye Jin, Jung Yonghwa, Park In Hwan and Esom in the same order. These actors are the cast of the dramas Vincenzo, Taxi Driver, Sell Your Haunted House, Mouse and Navillera.

Vincenzo star Song Joong Ki's received brand reputation index of 8,830,758. In the second position, Taxi Driver lead Lee Je Hoon earned an index of 5,665,327 and Sell Your Haunted House actress Jang Na Ra gained an index of 4,736,253. On the fourth and fifth places, actors Song Kang and Ok Taecyeon received indices of 4,626,873 and 4,150,800 respectively.

Director of The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation, Koo Chang Hwan, revealed that this analysis showed an increase of 8.73 percent compared to the actor brand big data in the month of March. According to detailed analysis, brand consumption fell 42.75 percent, brand issues fell 6.93 percent, and branded brands fell by 6.93 percent. Whereas communication increased by 24.16 percent, and brand spread increased by 149.16 percent.

It was also revealed that Vincenzo, villain and Jeon Yeo Been were the most searched keywords online.

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