‘Voice’ writer Ma Jin Won reveals plans for a fifth season

Published on Aug 16, 2021 02:40 PM IST  |  79.2K
Voice 4 poster: courtesy of tvN

In his recent interview with Newsis, the renowned Korean crime series ‘Voice’ writer Ma Jin Won talked about the intense drama, significance of the previous season, change in cast and its impact on the viewers and the possibility of a fifth season. The series ‘Voice’ started back in 2017 and has had a total of four seasons so far.

Ma Jin Won started by thanking the viewers for showing their support to the multi-season series and ensured that the series will go on as long as the viewers continue to shower their love for ‘Voice’.

The previous season of the drama emphasized child abuse and domestic violence, issues that have witnessed an alarming increase, especially during the COVID-19 circumstances.

According to the writer, he wanted to write about the issue since it is extremely important to be talked about, and it is a crime that is easily swept under the carpet. 

Ma Jin Won expressed his concerns about the rising expectations of fans with every passing season while emphasising a different theme for each one of them. He also mentioned the strict standards of perfection followed by the show and the thorough research and thought put into making every episode unpredictable.

The writer assured fans about an upcoming season by saying that the season is an important part is the secret of the hearing of ‘Kwon Joo Kang’, one of the most important stories of ‘Voice’. However, when the season will reach fans is still a mystery.

Ma Jin Won is doing everything under his capabilities to bring the best to the fans. He also went to the United States to study TV series with multiple seasons before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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