Want to give mainstream music a pass? Try these 7 underrated KPop artists ft. Epik High, Hyukoh & more

Mainstream songs are all cool. But is that all that offers great music in the South Korean Industry? Nope. Here’s our pick of 8 underrated K-Pop artists for you.
underrated Korean group Epik High among our list of 7 underrated Korean musicians Want to give mainstream music a pass? Try these 7 underrated KPop artists ft. Epik High, Hyukoh & more
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Ever wanted to flex your K-Pop culture knowledge to other friends in general? Well, this story might just help you out. Everyone knows BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO or MONSTA X, among others who are considered the treasure of South Korea. They’re not wrong. But there are other noteworthy treasures too. Today, we’re going to tell you about them. 


Away from the eyes of the mainstream entertainment industry, lies a field of underrated and/or independent artists. Artists who aren’t under some big agency, or who made an idol group and release songs left, right and center. Some of them have reached mainstream success in South Korea, but when it comes to recognition in the international waters, many of them are still lesser known. In a bid to explore more than just great music by Big Bang, Super Junior and the likes, here are are picks of underrated artists you should listen to, to explore music beyond what is always fed to us!


Epik High

They debuted in 2003 and since then have released more than 11 albums which showcase their lyrical genius and the ability of combining different genres and styles. Majorly a hip hop band, it consists of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz. They’re an incredible award winning band and were the second-ever Korean artist to perform at Coachella. Each song will get you hooked! 



Another underrated group getting its rightfully deserved recognition is the 4-member band Hyukoh. They debuted in 2014 and were going to kick off their 2020 World Tour in Asia, North America and Europe but it got postponed because of the pandemic. Their music is known as part disco and part soft pop melody. Ever IU has claimed that she’s a fan of them! Their songs are upbeat, funky, rock - but with less aggressiveness. Want to make your day better? Hyukoh’s the band to place your bets on.  


Se So Neon

Known also as New Youngsters in English, this 3-member group debuted in 2017. Their songs fall more in the lo-fi, dreamy music category - with upbeat music, husky, deep voice, their songs are perfect to lift your mood up on a low Sunday evening. They’re songs really do sound like a masterpiece - the lyrics and music mixing together like art. The cherry on top - the vocals. Give this band a definite try!


Baek Yerin

A part of JYP Entertainment first, she left the agency and started her own record music label called Blue Vinyl. Her vocals sound like butter and are extremely melodic. The moment you listen to her songs you’ll know how different she is from the mainstream artists. Her voice is angelic and difficult to leave from your mind. Especially the vibrant, groovy and pop music!



Oohyo is a synth-pop singer whose songs will make you want either head bang or dance, sing at the top of the lungs or look outside your window hoping for things to get better. Her rough vocals make the listening experience a whole lot better. And if you’re in for a treat, her music videos are extremely creative and fun to watch! In each video, you’ll find a new way she shows lyrics. In addition to this, she sings both in Korean and English!



Started in 2004, Primary is a hip hop musician and music producer. Till 2020, he was with a company named Amoeba Culture. However, he left the company in 2020 and a month later, announced his own record label, PAKTORY Company. His songs are a blessing to the ears and are definitely the catchiest and the grooviest. They’re definitely an absolute gem. Primary’s albums are so good, under his MVs YouTube comments, you’ll find comments that say the Hallyu wave hid this gem from them! 



OKDAL consists of a singer-songwriter duo who really match well and produce incredible music. If indie pop funk is your jam, OKDAL is right up your alley. Soft vocals and melody, catchy, rhythmic tone and chorus - this group is for you. You can pug their songs in and say goodbye to the world, and explore your own imaginative world! Even their MVs offer a refreshing touch!


From hip hop to disco to alternative rock and synth pop, choose whatever you desire and give these bands a listen. You won’t be disappointed! 


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How many of these have you listened to? Did your favourite underrated band not make it to the list? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below!