Want a mini Korean drama to binge in a day? Gaduri Restaurant starring VIXX's Hyuk is the show you need

Need a short K-Drama that's half as long but doubly adorable? Gaduri Restaurant is the K-Drama you're looking for.
Want a mini Korean drama to binge in a day? Gaduri Restaurant starring VIXX's Hyuk is the show you need
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Starring Lee Joo Bin and VIXX’s Hyuk in a lovely short form romantic comedy, Gaduri Restaurant is the perfect Korean drama for busybodies who cannot invest too much time in a longer 16-episode drama. The genre of this drama is the perfect balance of comedy and heart-fluttering romance and the bite-sized format (15-minute episodes) is just right for anyone who’s looking to unwind after a long and tiring day.

The protagonist of the story is Ga Du Ri, a beautiful young woman who opens up a sashimi restaurant after (with a twist) after being betrayed by the only man she loved while he cheated on her with her best friend. Ga Du Ri’s restaurant offers a “Ga Du Ri special” on the menu and that is exactly what she’s famous for. From the time she opens up shop to late at night, she has customers lining up for a taste of her menu as well as a chance at winning the “Ga Du Ri special”. However, only those that she chooses can actually receive the special offer.

This special actually is a love tarot reading, something that is Du Ri’s expertise. In this process, she ends up helping several people in their love lives while she personally tries to recover from her own betrayal. However, as fate would have it, her next-door neighbour who she initially confuses for a pervert because of his obsession with underwear (he’s the CEO of FILA Underwear) is also the one who helped her cope with her public heartbreak and humiliation back then.

The drama is beautifully expressive, light, and humorous while also being the loveliest romance. The central couple has the most electric chemistry right off the bat which makes it a treat to watch. If you’re looking for a mini K-Drama that is half the size with double the feels, Gaduri Restaurant is the one for you.

You can watch the trailer for Gaduri Restaurant below:

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