WATCH: 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon clash hilariously in the new ‘Inspector Joy’ teaser

Published on Oct 11, 2021 06:33 PM IST  |  58.1K
 Inspector Joy Poster
Inspector Joy Poster; Picture Courtesy: tvN

On October 11, Ok Taecoyeon and Kim Hye Yoon graced our screens with their funny personalities in the latest teaser for ‘Inspector Joy’. The teaser begins with Taecyeon’s serious expression as he shows his police badge before a stampede of people pushed him out and Kim Hye Yoon took the badge as her sidekicks accompanied her. The hilarious exchange between the two caused a riot amongst the viewers, keeping them curious for more!

Inspector Joy’ is a comedic, historical period drama that centers around an intelligent but lazy secret agent, and a divorced woman who holds beliefs ahead of her times while searching for her happiness. Ra Yi Eon is a grade 6 civil servant agent. Despite having goals to spend his days selling dumplings in a small shop set up within the territories outside of palace grounds, his sharp intelligence leads him to be offered a high position as a civil servant agent, where he is immediately given a mission to tackle. One trait of his is that after leaving work right on time every day, he likes to roll around in his house while snacking on steamed dumplings.

Kim Jo Yi is a passionate woman who is ahead of her time. She is a realist who believes that people can get divorced. She lives in an era when women can’t even be part of the family registry, but she dreams of getting divorced and having a fresh start in life.

On October 6, tvN also released a riotous group poster that included all the characters and the essence of the drama. It contains images of Ok Taecyeon, Kim Hye Yoon, Min Jin Woong, Park Kang Seop, Chae Won Bin, and Lee Sang Hee, who explode with excitement just by looking at them. First of all, the smile of Ra Yi Eon (Ok Taecyeon), who is proudly holding up his map, catches the eye. He is a perfect man with a warm visual and an elite ticket called Hongmunkwan management, which was a high ranking manor, but in reality, he is also a troublemaker. The unusual presence of Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon) is also interesting. Jo Yi, who grips a clothespin, and the pulpit emanating from her small body suggest that she has a sharp personality.

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