WATCH: aespa members are powerful & invincible in this futuristic and fantastical 'Savage' comeback MV

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 02:45 AM IST  |  80.7K
aespa members pose for the concept photo of 'Savage'
aespa members pose for the concept photo of 'Savage' (Pic credit - SM Entertainment))

Words fall short to describe our incomprehensible feelings towards aespa and their 'Savage' comeback, literally and figuratively! The beautiful and talented four-member group dropped their first-ever mini album 'Savage'! The girls expand further into their metaverse with "KWANGYA" (wilderness) through their first EP, unravelling the next stage of their fight against Black Mamba in 'Savage,'  and introducing each of their unique combat skills and styles.

The title track 'Savage' is a trap genre song led by an aggressive drum beat and bass line. The song is composed by Kirsten Collins, Jia Lih, Yoo Young Jin, and Hautboi Rich, with Korean lyrics penned by Yoo Young Jin. In continuation to their previous songs, 'Savage' follows the group's unique storyline revolving around aespa and their avatars “ae” receive the help of “naevis” and head out to “KWANGYA” to fight the villain Black Mamba. In the futuristic MV, members each have their own realm as they use magical elements to showcase their powers. Lyrically the song speaks about wanting to destroy someone with your savage nature with an addictive hook and chorus "Give Me Give Me".

You can check out the music video below:

In other news. aespa is already proving their worth as monster rookies raking in big numbers before their highly anticipated comeback. aespa’s first mini-album, 'Savage', has exceeded 400K copies in pre-orders. It is rare for a rookie group to exceed these many copies for a physical album, once again confirming the rookie power of aespa.

'Savage' contains six unique and diverse tracks including 'Savage,' 'ænergy,' 'I’ll Make You Cry,' 'YEPPI YEPPI,' 'ICONIC' and 'Lucid Dream.'

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