WATCH: AleXa mends her broken heart in the impassioned yet unique ‘TATTOO’ release

Updated on Jan 06, 2022 02:36 PM IST  |  143.2K
AleXa Concept Photo
AleXa Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: ZB Label

On January 6, ZB Label unveils the MV for AleXa’s ‘TATTOO’, a lyrics heavy and emotive track paired with the ethereal visuals of the beautiful artist herself! The second track in the story of AleXa living as a human, it shows how she tries to understand the complex emotion called love. Kim Jun Hong, the CEO of ZB Label said, “Compared to previous singles, the song gives listeners an emotional stimulation with its delicate storyline and lyrics, adding even more to the AleXa A.I. universe. We decided to release the English version first to preserve the original meaning of ‘TATTOO,’ and leave the Korean version open for the future.” 

The song had many aspects to it, from the easy listening pre chorus to the addicting chorus, which is now stuck on us like a ‘tattoo’. The pumping bass coupled with a soft instrumentation allows the listeners to bop along. The unique part comes in when the electronic beat can be heard in the background, as if it is AleXa’s thoughts that we are listening to. Different from her usual tracks, AleXa displayed her talents as a vocalist by bringing many emotions to the surface with her gorgeous voice. 

With MVs like ‘Bomb’ and ‘Revolution’ that display a cinematic world, ‘TATTOO’ has a more slowed down and emotional angle to it as AleXa tries to make sense of our surroundings and bumps into a strange person that brings some memories that were buried deep into her heart, a clue into her human life and the A.I part of her remains confused at the onslaught of feelings. 

Making her mark with the electronic track ‘Bomb’ in 2019, AleXa instantly gained success. The track got into the Top 10 of Billboard’s ‘World Digital Song Sales Chart’ and since then it's been an upward trajectory for her! Her last song ‘Xtra’ was the first in the new story of AleXa’s human past and we cannot wait to see more from the fearless artist herself. "I'm delighted to show this brand new side of myself to fans! Tackling this new genre as well, I truly hope my A.I TROOPERS love 'TATTOO' as much as I do." said AleXa. 

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