WATCH: ASTRO’s ‘JinJin&Rocky’ hilariously jam to their songs in ‘Restore’ album highlight video

Published on Jan 10, 2022 08:23 PM IST  |  251.1K
JinJin&Rocky Concept Photo
JinJin&Rocky Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Fantagio

On January 10, Fantagio unveiled the highlight video for ASTRO’s new unit ‘JinJin&Rocky’ and the idea itself is extremely unique! The video begins with the two of them fishing in a tranquil area and soon they begin listening to the songs in the album.  ‘Complete me’, ‘Lazy’, ‘CPR’, ‘Lock Down’ and ‘Just Breathe’ (title track) makes for 5 tracks in the mini album.  

JinJin & Rocky released all 4 concept photos of their first mini album 'Restore', which will be released on the 17th, through their agency Fantagio's official social media handles from January 3rd to 7th. In the unit cut of the 'Vacation' version, which was last released on the 7th, you can see the hip visuals of JinJin & Rocky and the perfect chemistry for a long time. Like the third concept photo released earlier, the two people radiating a unique mood in a quiet outdoor area catches the attention of the viewers.

In particular, the match between the jacket and the bold accessories that make use of each member's charm in training clothes stands out. This raises the question of what kind of styling and performance will bring joy to JinJin & Rocky's stage.  

The content teasers use two concepts to capture the colorful charms of JinJin & Rocky. In the 'Staycation' version, the sporty charms of the two people in their respective rooms were revealed, and in the 'Vacation' version, it was fun to watch by creating a way to get away from home and enjoy everyday life. JinJin & Rocky's delightful metaphor expresses the reality that 'recovery' to everyday life that everyone desires becomes a true 'vacation'. 

JinJin & Rocky, who have established themselves as representative 'all-rounders' in the music industry, will release their first mini album 'Restore' through various online music sites at 2:30 pm IST on January 17th.

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