WATCH: BamBam is reborn as a spectacular solo artist showing diverse styles in riBBon’s Highlight Medley

Read on to find out what GOT7 BamBam's first mini-album 'riBBon' has in store for you and watch the Highlight Medley here.
BamBam releases Highlight Medley for first mini-album, 'riBBon' A still from BamBam's Highlight Medley of 'riBBon'.
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June is both a tough and exciting month for Ahgases. Yugyeom’s album Point Of View: U, Youngjae’s Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It and BamBam’s riBBon - all of these will be released in the second half of June. On June 11, 12 AM KST (June 10 IST), BamBam uploaded a Highlight Medley of riBBon, containing glimpses of all six songs in the album. 


The video starts with the dreamy yet upbeat ‘Intro’ of the album. It shows BamBam suited up in a spacesuit displaying his dance moves on the surface of the moon. The next song is ‘Pandora’ and probably the most fascinating out of them all. The singer leaves an impactful, unforgettable impression as he swings from an ordinary person to a powerful one with unconventional styling with intense, chaotic moves, as thunder rumbles behind. His personality changes as soon as he opens the Pandora box with a CGI snake appearing too.


The mood shifts completely with the next song ‘riBBon’, which is also the title track. The music and the concept are bright and refreshing. BamBam sings, “See a better version of my side, I’m like a feather now I feel so light,” indicating him being ‘reborn’ (He also uses the word ‘reborn’ in the song). Other songs ‘Look so fine’, ‘Air’, and ‘Under the sky’ each offer different styles and vibes. 


It’s safe to say that no two songs sound or feel the same in riBBon. Considering the fact that BamBam is credited for the lyrics and composition of five and three songs respectively, he has gone all out for his first mini-album ‘riBBon’.


Watch the Highlight Medley of ‘riBBon’ below:



BamBam’s first mini-album ‘riBBon’ will be released on June 15, 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST). He will also be holding a comeback showcase on the same day, 7 PM KST (3:30 PM IST) on his official YouTube, Facebook and VLive accounts. 


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