WATCH: Battle cries and elimination in store for Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’; Preview RELEASED

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 10:38 PM IST  |  242.2K
Tiffany and Sunmi in Girls Planet 999: courtesy of Mnet

Survival shows are a hot topic, grabbing keen eyeballs every chance they get. Mnet’s upcoming female-oriented competition, 'Girls Planet 999', is no different. With a star cast in place, the show is set to have many people tuning in for fun content and new debuts in the K-pop universe. In a recent video, Mnet shared a short preview of what’s about to come and the fans cannot wait any more for the show to start.


In the preview, the idol aspirants can be seen gathered to fulfil their dreams on a South Korean reality show. Participants from three nationalities, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, aim to debut in the girl group formed on the show. With an intense beat, the 99 girls are told they will be representing their groups and the first look of the set, the coveted place in the Top 9, is displayed in front of them.



Hopeful ‘battle cries’ of “I’ll be in the Top 9”, “I won’t lose” and “It’s a competition” can be heard from the girls. The K-group girls think they belong there and will not give any chance to the others. The J-group bring a refreshing vitality while the C-group is in the spotlight because of their stunning visuals and enviable physiques. Surprising talents and unexpected sides of the girls are revealed. Fierce competition in front of them, some contestants talk down other teams’ members and the ‘K-pop Masters’, Tiffany and Sunmi don’t seem to appreciate it.


Ironically, units are formed with 1 girl from each group (K, C and J), reaffirming that the Mnet show won’t go down easy.

With unit elimination looming on their heads, what will happen to the newly formed teams? Watch on 6 August at 8:20 PM KST (4:50 PM IST).

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