WATCH: B.I displays contradicting past memories and present state in ‘COSMOS Message Film 2’

Published on Nov 05, 2021 11:51 AM IST  |  169.8K
B.I Concept Photo
B.I Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: 131 Label

On November 4, B.I released a confusing yet cinematic MV for ‘COSMOS Message Film #2’ and we are floored by his acting skills. The MV begins with him splashing cold water in his face as blood pours from his face. He feels eyes on him as he walks but soon his memories transports him back to the days of rebellion, fun and not giving a care in the world with his loved one and with those memories, the song moves from ‘UNCERTAINTY’ to ‘THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH’. The second track has springs of youth, love and everything happy. 

Earlier, B.I posted the first message film 'KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE' which consisted of the tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘Flame’.  First, B.I displayed powerful rapping in a set on fire. B.I's facial scars and hard eyes double the harsh charm. He also teased the film with a poster, in which B.I is staring at the camera with neat eyes. The vague yet mysterious atmosphere stands out and catches the eye. B.I has set three message slogans for this album, depicting the various emotions of youth. With 'KEEP THE FIRE ALIVE' as the first message, B.I showed his passion for life with a strong visual.

The second message 'UNCERTAINTY, THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH' contains the meaning that if youth is a period of burning passion and will for life, it is also uncertain, and the youthful and young love is also a beautiful moment. As such, in the second message poster, B.I presents a completely opposite mood to the content of the first message. The polar opposite charm is highlighted, and the various messages of youth contained in this album are expected.

While B.I is captivating global fans by sequentially introducing high-quality content, people are curious about what kind of music and story they will tell with the second message 'UNCERTAINTY, THE BEAUTY OF YOUTH'. B.I's half album 'COSMOS' will be released on various online music sites at 2:30 pm IST on November 11th. 

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