Watch: BLACKPINK members extend support to Lisa on the sets of ‘LALISA’ MV

Updated on Sep 18, 2021 07:02 PM IST  |  148.2K
Lisa looking captivating in the MV for 'LALISA': Courtesy of YG Entertainment
Lisa looking captivating in the MV for 'LALISA': Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Lisa gave fans a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of her solo debut. In the video uploaded on September 17 KST, BLACKPINK’s members join Lisa on the set of ‘LALISA’s music video, extending their support to their maknae. 

The first one to join Lisa on the shoot was her best friend Rosé. Rosé arrives with a beautiful bouquet in her hand made of flowers that symbolise success. The members have a fun time together and Lisa bursts into laughter as Rosé tries Lisa’s Thai crown. The singer kept complimenting Lisa from time to time, boosting her confidence.

Soon after Rosé, Jisoo arrives in her casual clothes excited to see the shooting set. The member joked around by saying that she has arrived in Thailand. 

Jennie makes her appearance in her own unique way as she transforms into a camera director and took this opportunity to shoot Lisa in her beautiful attire. 

All the members decided to be by Lisa’s side as she shot the music video, taking her first step into a solo career. The members also took this opportunity to take Lisa’s photos to save the moment for the future. 

Lisa also shared her experience with pole dancing in the behind-the-scenes video for ‘LALISA’. The singer showed her chemistry with her instructors, while the instructors revealed that Lisa did incredibly well and learnt the dance in no time, thanks to her flexible body and prior experience with dancing.

Here's the behind-the-scenes video for 'LALISA'.

‘LALISA’ was released on September 10 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST) and gained a lot of support from fans all across the globe immediately after its release!

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