WATCH: BTS, TXT, Stray Kids, ATEEZ and more greet fans on the occasion of Chuseok 2021

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 10:35 AM IST  |  131.9K
Stills from TXT's special dance performance: Courtesy of Bighit Music
Stills from TXT's special dance performance: Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

This year, on September 21, South Korea celebrated Chuseok also known as the Korean Thanksgiving. The festival marks a very important day of the year. Like every year, K-pop and K-Drama stars wore their hanboks (Korean traditional clothing) and sent their greetings to fans through YouTube and Twitter. Here are some of the heartfelt wishes by the idols and actors to their fans, friends and families.



The Bangtan boys looked adorable while goofing around in their aesthetic clothing. The members kept wishing for the next member’s wish to come true until J-Hope finally broke the loop and wished that ARMYs’ wants would be fulfilled and wished everyone good health and while also talking about tasty holiday dishes.



Stray Kids

Stray Kids elevated the festive celebrations by recording a video of all the members separately as if on a video call, wishing fans good health, happiness and fortune. The group also uploaded a tweet of all the members together, being all excited about the festival.




ATEEZ revealed a small video full of warmth and wished fans a happy holiday while wearing pastel hanboks. Fans are delighted to see the boys wishing fans and celebrating the festival despite their jam-packed schedule for the latest album.




ITZY members came together wearing black and dark blue outfits and wished fans a great time with friends and family on the special occasion while giving them a little hint about their comeback. The members also shared their excitement for the upcoming album and requested fans to look forward to it.




TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s members gathered together in traditional clothing and revealed their plans about playing games, eating tasty food and enjoying the biggest festival of the year. The boys also emphasised the importance of good health while sending their greetings to MOAs.



Hometown ChaChaCha

The cast members of 'Hometown ChaChaCha', Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho and Lee Sang Yi also sat together to send their greetings to fans and viewers while thanking them for the support they have provided to the ongoing K-Drama.




KARD members extended their warm greetings while asking fans to stay happy and enjoy good food. For those who aren’t able to celebrate the festival with their families, the members suggested they call their parents and siblings instead of being upset.




The members took the festive greetings to a whole new level! Not only did they wish fans a very happy Chuseok but also dressed like the Joseon dynasty individuals including a king, royal court members, governors, warriors and the common man.

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