WATCH: Ciipher members sing about being 'blinded' in someone's love for first ever comeback

Updated on Sep 29, 2021 03:25 AM IST  |  74.3K
Ciipher members pose for the concept photo of 'BLIND'
Ciipher members pose for the concept photo of 'BLIND' (Pic credit - R.A.I.N Company)

Congratulations to Ciipher on their first-ever come back as they have certainly hit it out of the park with their new song 'Blind'! Ciipher is a rookie group created by popular South Korean singer Rain under R.A.I.N. Company. The group consists of members Tan, Hwi, Hyunbin, Keita, Tag, Dohwan and Won. The talented boy group debuted on March 15, 2021, with the extended play (EP) 'I Like You' and have made a successful comeback in six months.

On September 28 KST, the boy group unveiled their second mini-album 'BLIND' along with the eponymous music video for the title track. The title track is produced by member TAG, and members Keita and WON also participated in the lyrics. The song showcases the boys' naivety as lovestruck youths who are grappling with the newness of the feelings of love, attraction and the tingling sensation in the stomach! The song is about falling so hard for someone that all of their words and actions appear good. It is a nice attempt to interpret the phrase "blinded by someone's love", which means becoming so engrossed in someone, that you don't see the potential harm or danger they are capable of bringing or you overlook that.

You can watch the MV below:

'BLIND' contains five unique and interesting tracks including the title track 'Blind' and the four side tracks ‘Moonlight’, ‘Joker’, ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘It’s Okay’ (literal translation). The songs are co-written and co-composed by the group’s members themselves.

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