WATCH: CIX’s Bae Jin Young and Shin So Hyun share a puzzling relationship in ‘User Not Found’ teaser

Published on Nov 21, 2021 02:26 PM IST  |  103.4K
User Not Found Poster
User Not Found Poster; Picture Courtesy: KOK TV

The released teaser video started with Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun), who transferred to Woojung High School. Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun), who has been called a rumored transfer student since the first day of transfer, became the main character of the school in an instant. From the first day of transfer, her friends have been swarming around her. Everyone was friendly to Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun), but Shin Yi Jun (Bae Jin Young) looked at her with sharp eyes and created tension.

Then, the news that Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun), who had previously transferred to another school, and Yoo Min Jae (Han Yeji), who had the same name, transferred. Upon learning this, Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) realized that everyone had mistaken her for Yoo Min Jae (Han Ye Ji), a new transfer student. In the next scene, Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) was anxious, saying, "Yi Jun, have you ever thought about that? It's so scary and pathetic that I want to disappear from this world without anyone knowing."

To such Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun), Shin Yi Jun replied, "Yes." Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) asked what he would do in such a case, and he said, "I don't do it, I just live." After that, Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) and Shin Yi Jun got closer and played pranks on each other and had a good time. Shin Yi Jun seemed jealous when Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) and Shin Hye Jun (Ahn Se Min) became close. While it seemed that the harmless school life would continue, suspicions about Yoo Min Jae grew, and Han Ji Wan (Jung Hyun Ji) began to sprout suspicions, saying, "If you look closely, Min Jae seems to have a lot of secrets." Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) was afraid that she was hiding her true self and cried. 

Expectations are high as to what kind of story will unfold between Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun) and Yoo Min Jae (Han Ye Ji), who have the same name, and Shin Yi Jun, Shin Hye Joon, and Han Ji Wan, who become involved. 'User Not Found' is broadcast every Friday and Saturday on YouTube channel 'KOK TV' and Rakuten Viki, starting with the first broadcast on December 3rd.

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