WATCH: DRIPPIN members unveils their ‘Villainous’ powers in the individual prologue films

Published on Jan 06, 2022 05:29 PM IST  |  103.8K
DRIPPIN Concept Photo
DRIPPIN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Woollim Entertainment

DRIPPIN has been, for the lack of a better pun, ‘dripping’ in sinister charm and dapper looks for their latest comeback ‘Villain’ and we are not complaining! For the past week, Woollim Entertainment has been dropping each member’s prologue film, starting with Cha Jun Ho on December 31 to Kim Dong Yun today (January 6) and each time, they up the ante with the CGI and unexplainable charm that each member displays with their dark powers. 

The first runner in the prologue video was Cha Jun Ho who displayed the different styling completed with bright hair color, intense makeup, and all-black outfit very well. While looking around the room where hot flames were burning, Cha Jun Ho found a mysterious paper, creating a mysterious atmosphere. In particular, his  hand holding the paper was instantly engulfed in flames. 

Following Cha Jun Ho, Kim Min Seo appeared. In the video, Kim Min Seo sat on the roof of a building under the blue sky and listened to music, and DRIPPIN's 'Free Pass' flowed from his headphones, adding to the refreshing twist. However, after the clear sky suddenly darkened as the mobile phone was hacked, the mood completely changed. Along with the scene of thunder and lightning and raindrops falling, Kim Min Seo screamed and 'blackened' clouds were drawn, raising curiosity about what happened.

Lee Hyeop, who became the third protagonist of the prologue films following Cha Jun Ho and Kim Min Seo, drew attention with a more mature atmosphere than before with styled hair, unique makeup and simple accessories. The image of Lee Hyup walking holding a rope while looking around as if looking for something under the green light created a dreamy yet mysterious atmosphere. When Lee Hyup stretched out his hand, the scattered lights gradually gathered around him, giving the viewers a clue that Lee Hyup has special abilities. 

Hwang Yun Seong, the main character of the fourth prologue film, created an intense mood with blue hair, chic all-black outfits, and a wounded face. In the dark night, Hwang Yun Seong was walking in the middle of the road staggeringly and looked at the car that appeared in front of him, the car was drawn in the air and crushed. 

Joo Chang Wook, the protagonist of the fifth prologue video, appeared in a restaurant with gun-wielding robbers pointing their guns at the counter staff. A suffocating silence fell in the restaurant where time and space stopped for a moment, and Joo Chang Wook got up and grabbed a bag full of money and leisurely left the restaurant. 

Alex, who appeared in the sixth prologue video, was in an urgent situation being chased by a group with guns. After sprinting and fighting fiercely in broad daylight, Alex was eventually surrounded by the crowd. When Alex was in danger, a strong wind began to blow, and a black shadow reminiscent of a monster roared over Alex and the crowd. 

Kim Dong Yoon, who became the last protagonist, carefully watched the prologue video of the other members, which was opened first with a large electronic board in a large building. Kim Dong Yoon's relaxed smile and more mature visuals caught the eye, and the mysterious bracelet filled with the wrist created a mysterious atmosphere.   

The official Twitter headers and profile photos of Woollim Entertainment artists like INFINITE, Golden Child, Lovelyz, Rocket Punch and Kwon Eunbi were changed to unknown images at the same time as Kim Dong Yoon's prologue video was unveiled, returned to their original state and attracted attention. In the prologue video, hacking is taking place on the mobile phone in Kim Dong Yoon's hand, and it was revealed that the surprise hacking happening that hacked the Twitter profiles of Woollim Entertainment artists was related to Kim Dong Yoon's superpowers.  

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