WATCH: ENHYPEN members carry mysterious messages on them in the ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’ concept film

Published on Dec 28, 2021 02:44 PM IST  |  253K
ENHYPEN Concept Photo
ENHYPEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: HYBE Labels

On December 28, HYBE Labels released a series of concept films for ENHYPEN’s awaited comeback, ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’ and we are floored by the mature looks the members have gone for. Each member has a prominent yet secretive message on them that explains the concept of the new album. 

For Niki, it was the word ‘broken’, for Jake, it was ‘Stop’, for Jay, it was ‘My Way’, for Heesung, it was ‘Like a Lion’, for Sunoo, it was ‘No’. Sunghoon had the roman numbers 10 and 7, along with a sunflower, the number 20, a cross and a smiley face and lastly, Jungwon had the word ‘cursed’ on him.

Each word and number has a significance that will slowly unravel over the next few days, with the new concept images and films coming. Previously, HYBE Labels also released the concept images for the comeback and each member looks extremely handsome in the black suits and assorted accessories. 

The visuals of the seven members attract attention, and their intense eyes reveal a chic atmosphere. The words 'NO', 'CURSED', and 'MY WAY' are written on the faces of the members, and in the group photo, Jake had 'JUST STOP' written on a sign that reads, adding to the curiosity about its meaning. In another photo, one can see the members in a world of miniature buildings, cars, people, giving a feeling of contrast with the members. 

ENHYPEN achieved the Initial Chodong sales record of 818,716 copies with their 1st full-length album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' released in October. In particular, on December 12 when the Initial Chodong counting started, it sold 501,748 copies and became the 'Initial Chodong Half Million Seller' at once, setting the first record among rookie artists in their first year of debut. 

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