Watch: ENHYPEN reveals riveting ‘SCYLLA’ moodboard for ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’

Published on Sep 23, 2021 09:49 AM IST  |  300.8K
ENHYPEN concept image
ENHYPEN concept image : courtesy of BELIFT LAB

Greek mythology and ENHYPEN’s otherworldly charms. We never saw this one coming. The young boy group has decided to challenge another complex concept and this time it’s crossing paths with the gaping realm of Greek mythology and its unending twists, turns and secrets. 


Following the schedule release of ENHYPEN’s ‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’, right on track, the first concept moodboard ‘SCYLLA’ was revealed on September 23. ‘SCYLLA’ is a Greek mythical being known as a sea nymph that reshapes into a sea monster. 


Divided into three parts, the concept hits right on the nail as over the view of an ancient Greek sculpture that blends with a calm water body’s uncountable waves appears. An almost guttural call of a fierce animal can be heard in the background.



The second video shows member Sunoo in flaming red hair, all crumpled and soaked. He holds a shiny coin between his fingers and his sombre eyes stare it down. The album name is marked across the border of the coin as a 6-point star sits in the middle. Fans are speculating the coin is the medium to transcend to another dimension as the jingle of a bag full of coins clattering on a hard surface makes itself known.



Over resounding bells, a close view of a sparkling chandelier filled screen lights up, unmoving as if frozen in the moment. The ornament, almost looking like pearls, and its metal rods like branches of a tree, captivate with their unusual nature.



‘DIMENSION : DILEMMA’ will be released on October 12, 2021.


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