WATCH: GOT7’s Yugyeom and DeVita show their intense goth sides struggling with love in I Want U Around

Watch the thrilling music video and know more about it here!
Yugyeom's new album Point Of View: U Concept photo of Yugyeom's upcoming album, 'Point of View: U'.
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GOT7’S Yugyeom is like the gift that keeps on giving. Besides his fantastic performance and cohesive interactions as a GOT7 member, his solo career seems to be just as explosive. Flourishing under Jay Park’s AOMG, Yugyeom released another pre-release gift for fans. With the beautiful dark concept photos and album covers, fans expected an intense album. And Yugyeom has delivered it, or at least has started to.


On June 11, he released the music video for the track ‘I Want U Around’ featuring the superstar singer DeVita. The MV is full of intensity and passion, as it is dark. Yugyeom wakes up in a dense forest and is heavily tied up. Throughout the video, we see fabulous cinematography, from the forest, to a quarry with robed people keeping a watch. Along with these, there are great shots of DeVita having a halo, lighting up a cave with fire and much more. 


Yugyeom’s tone and vocals of the song are sublime, factoring in the lyrics perfectly. Matching the title and visuals, the song is just as dark, inviting, and also, full of hurt, especially its chorus. The viewer can’t help but feel the power of the unrequited love that Yugyeom is struggling with. He expresses his emotions flawlessly in his dance moves and his voice too. Altogether, this MV is everything an Ahgase would love and possibly one of the best works and collaborations of the idol. 


Watch the MV for 'I Want U Around' below:



If this is just one MV, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the album will bring in!


‘Point of View: U’ will be released on June 17, and will feature six more tracks, besides this one Produced by GRAY, Cha Cha Malone, and featuring additional AOMG artists Loco, Jay Park and Punchnello, it will be an album packed with incredible music.


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