WATCH: Hwa Sa introduces the 2nd single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ with a captivating teaser

Published on Nov 12, 2021 10:09 AM IST  |  238.3K
Hwa Sa Concept Photo
Hwa Sa Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: RBW

Hwa Sa started the countdown to a full-fledged comeback by releasing the visual film for her solo album ‘Guilty Pleasure’. In the video, in a mysterious space with a mirror, Hwa Sa is posing with a furry shawl in a mesh bodysuit. Through the many reflections of Hwa Sa through the mirror as well as actions like blowing a kiss while looking on ahead, she expressed her longing to achieve the happiness of feeling alive in the process.

Hwa Sa will release her single album 'Guilty Pleasure' on November 24th. This is her first solo comeback in a year and five months since her first mini-album 'María', released in June of last year, and is expected to heat up the music industry once again this fall with Hwa Sa's deepened color and charm. The album's name is 'Guilty Pleasure', meaning an act that enjoys a feeling of guilt, and is expected to deliver a message of comfort and courage that will stimulate listeners' sympathy in Hwa Sa's own way.

Hwa Sa has been attracting attention with her unique style from her solo debut song 'Twit' to 'Maria'. She has established herself as a unique solo artist who not only presents trendy music, but also sincere lyrics and splendid performances. In particular, based on the strong firepower of the global fandom, it caused a challenge syndrome in the United States and China, capturing both star and popularity, and attention is focused on the third consecutive box office success that will lead to a new album. Meanwhile, Hwa Sa's second single album 'Guilty Pleasure' will be released on various music sites at 2:30 pm IST on November 24th.

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