WATCH: Imitation idol group SHAX release their charismatic song AMEN, turning reel life into a reality

Published on Jun 18, 2021 06:43 PM IST  |  350.5K
K-Pop group SHAX
Group photo of idol group SHAX from Imitation.

KBS2’s ongoing drama ‘Imitation’ mixed reel and real life like never seen before. Essentially a story about an idol groups’ journey to achieving their dreams, laced with hardships and struggles, the drama’s cast consists of real idol group members too. It is seen as a tribute to the many idols and to-be-idols and hopes to give them a pat on the back for making it through the hard times, while also giving the audience a glimpse through an idol’s real journey. 


In the drama, a fictional idol group called SHAX is created of five members - KwonRyuk (U-KISS’ Jun), Jaewoo (Park Yuri), Leehyun (SF9’s Hwi Young), Dojin (Ahn Jung Hoon), Hyuk (ATEEZ’s Jongho) and ex-member Eunjo (SF9 Chani). The drama is acclaimed for making the fictional groups seem real, as they have created social media accounts for the idol groups in the dramas too. 


Today, on June 18, SHAX released their song titled ‘AMEN’, which is a mix of dubstep, pop elements, heavy kick sounds, bass riffs and FX sounds. SHAX is a highly popular group in ‘Imitation’ and their uniqueness shines through this hybrid song. One key part of the song is Hyuk’s (ATEEZ’s Jongho) powerful vocals coupled with aggressive raps. They not only released the song, but also performed it on music shows. The performance perfectly captures the dark and intense charisma the group holds.


Check out AMEN performance by SHAX below:



Earlier, SHAX released their song MALO that talked about being reborn as an independent person. KBS2 is certainly making a new mark in Korean dramas as it takes fun from the small screen to directly the viewers on stage. 


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