WATCH: ITZY brings back the feel of 2010’s K Pop with the zestful comeback ‘LOCO’

Published on Sep 24, 2021 05:42 PM IST  |  98.4K
ITZY Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
ITZY concept photo; Picture Courtesy: JYP Entertainment

ITZY drops the incredible and poppy MV for ‘LOCO’ from their awaited album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ and the song is definitely on repeat! Given its title, the song definitely has the ‘Latin’ feel with the moombahton beats that's mixed in with electro-pop melody. The lyrics indicate the crazy love that each member has for their loved one and would do anything to be next to them, even being a pet! 

Different from the previous comebacks, this new title track has a strong theme of love, obsession and jealousy, compared to their previous comebacks having the themes of self confidence, self love etc. While they still carry on being the face of ‘girl crush’ in the 4th generation of K-Pop. This comeback has definitely allowed them to venture into new concepts. 

ITZY released a spoiler video for their first full-length album 'CRAZY IN LOVE' and raised expectations for their comeback to the highest level. JYP Entertainment released the title song 'LOCO', 'SWIPE', 'Sooo LUCKY', '#Twenty', ‘Boombox’, 'Gas Me Up', 'LOVE is', 'Chillin' Chillin’, 'Mirror' ITZY A video containing the highlights of the new songs from the 1st full-length album was posted.

This video gives a fresh feeling by expressing the feelings of falling in love with colorful colors and unique graphics. Through the first full-length album, which was created under the big theme of love, ITZY is planning to aim at the music industry in the second half of the year and attract listeners with irresistible charm. The title song 'LOCO' is a song that expresses the strong attraction that was first felt in the style of Generation Z, and you can meet the new side of ITZY, who is 'not hung up on love'. The hit song composer, GALACTIKA is in charge of writing, composing, and arranging the lyrics, giving you a foreboding of the masterpieces that will represent 2021 following the debut song 'DALLA DALLA' in 2019 and 'WANNABE' in 2020.

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