WATCH: JAY B’s giddy nervousness as he sets on a new path with H1GHR MUSIC, his aspiration as an artist & more

H1GHR MUSIC released JAY B’s first documentary, showing glimpses of the actor signing his contract, a behind-the-scenes of the announcement trailer and more. Watch it here.

Published on May 25, 2021 10:07 AM IST  |  874.5K
JAY B at the VLIVE Awards Heartbeat in 2019
H1GHR MUSIC's JAY B as a part of GOT7 at the 2019 VLIVE AWARDS V HEARTBEAT'. (Pic Credits: News1)
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As all GOT7 members embark on a new journey, JAY B sets on one too, with the Korean-American singer Jay Park’s international record label, H1GHR MUSIC. He released his first single after under the label titled ‘Switch It Up feat. sokodomo’ on May 14, 2021 and fans can’t get over the flirtatious, almost-seductive lyrics. H1GHR MUSIC also uploaded a one-on-one interview of JAY B and Jay Park talking about the singer’s thought processes, what they hope to achieve together, and the complete freedom that JAY B now has as an independent artist. 


On May 24, they released another video titled SHORT FILM: JAY B Documentary Part 1, hinting that there are more to come. This first video marks the singer’s first steps into a new phase of his life. He enters a room and talks with a representative of H1GHR MUSIC, who sits with a contract in his hand. The company employee seals the deal first and hands the contract to JAY B. He lets out a nervous yet excited sigh and as he signs the papers, he has a fun interaction with the representative. 


The video moves on to him getting ready for his announcement trailer shoot and a short interview. He shares his realisation of the significance of a concept and storyline of an entire album, not just with GOT7, but also his other projects such as JUS2 and JJ Project. He also shared that for him, JUS2 has more meaningful messages. We proceed to him doing a photoshoot and then back to the interview where he talks about the kind of artist he wants to be. He uses the metaphor of free-flowing water, indicating that he doesn’t want to be bound by limits and be able to do whatever he wants to, as an artist.


The documentary then focuses on the artist  travelling to the location of the announcement trailer and shows us glimpses of JAY B prepping up and working hard with the staff. He does what he has to, listens to the staff’s advice and feedback, discusses the final output and gives in his best even in the heat. The video ends with the bike-riding snippet and H1GHR MUSIC logo towards the end of the announcement trailer. 


As the intro of the video uses a montage, we can see a couple of scenes from his Switch It Up Live Clip too. Maybe that’s what the second documentary would be. 


Watch JAY B’s first short film as a H1GHR MUSIC artist below: 



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Have you listened to Switch It Up? How do you like it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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