WATCH: Joonhoney talks about personal goals, Hyungwon & I.M share their songwriting process & more

Published on Jun 20, 2021 04:31 PM IST  |  175.7K
MONSTA X with Jeff Benjamin for Rolling Stone Korea interview. (Pic Credits: Starship Entertainment)

In an interview with Rolling Stone Korea, MONSTA X members Joohoney, Hyungwon, I.M opened up about their album process for ‘One of A Kind’, their personal goals, their future plans and more! They even talked about member Shownu, who had decided to opt out of promotional activities due to his eye injury. It was recently reported that he will be making minimum participations in it. 


The Rolling Stone Korea interview was taken by the famous journalist Jeff Benjamin. All the three members are dressed differently and ooze a cool, calm vibe. The interview starts off with Jeff asking the members how ‘One of A Kind’ differs from their past releases. I.M spoke first by saying that Joohoney creating the title track ‘GAMBLER’ is the biggest difference. Joohoney then elaborated on it saying that previously, it would be the company deciding the concepts for the album. But as he knows his members’ characteristics and personalities well and has worked that way, he believes that’s one of the biggest differences too. 



Jeff then moved on to asking Joohoney about his personal goals, especially with regards to the title track. Joohoney then replied, “To be honest, I have too many personal goals.” He added, “But, the most important thing for me is, as MONSTA X, to show our energy and our message to many people and inspire them.” He also added his biggest goal is getting the fans to like the album. 



The discussion then moved on to Hyungwon and I.M’s participation in the album process. Hyungwon participated in lyrics for BEBE and English track SECRETS. For BEBE, he talked about how he wanted to share his thoughts of the past six years and the relationship between the group and MONBEBE (their fandom). He also talked about how writing lyrics in English was a long, hard process. When asked what the members want this album to mean to the fans, Joohoney replied, “‘The best album’ or ‘Number One’, I don’t know but I hope that when fans think about this album in the future, they would love it and get good vibes from the album.”


Check out everything that the members talked about, even their future plans, in the video below: 



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