WATCH: Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu analyse the sarcastic serial killer in ‘Through the Darkness’ teaser

Published on Dec 31, 2021 03:51 PM IST  |  181.2K
Through The Darkness Poster
Through The Darkness Poster; Picture Courtesy: SBS Entertainment

'Through The Darkness' side released the third teaser video on December 31st. The released video boasts a meticulous immersion throughout 45 seconds. Here, the drama's core message and atmosphere, as well as the actors' breathtaking performances, are captured. The teaser begins with Kim Nam Gil and Jin Sun Kyu, who go to meet the criminal to read his mind at a time when interviewing criminals was considered strange.

The two stand in front of the sarcastic criminal and keep their cool throughout. Next, Kim Nam Gil explains the meaning of the existence of the profiler, saying, “We are people who know why this happened and analyze the cause.” Then the story of profiler Kim Nam Gil begins. “The profiler's question is a kind of temptation. To get what you want, you need to be thorough. The brutal images of serial killers that follow Kim Nam Gil’s narration, “I hold down my anger for a moment,” suggest how cruel and fierce it is to walk into the heart of evil as a profiler. 

Nevertheless, Kim Nam Gil in the drama will never give up. Kim Nam Gil's line, “I am you,” strongly contains his will to read the mind of evil in order to chase away evil. ‘Through the Darkness’ is not about a serial killer, but a story of people 'chasing' a serial killer. As such, attention is focused on Song Ha Young (Kim Nam Gil), a criminal behavior analyst who reads and pursues the minds of serial killers in the drama, and Kook Young Soo (Jin Sun Kyu), who leads him as a criminal behavior analyst. 

Curiosity and anticipation is growing as to how the two experienced actors will portray the beginnings of Korean-style profiling, and what kind of evil mind they look into. The drama will be broadcasted for the first time on Friday, January 14th following 'Now, We're Breaking Up'.

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