WATCH: Kim Soo Hyun bullied & distraught before meeting Cha Seung Won in ‘One Ordinary Day’ teaser

Published on Nov 05, 2021 11:12 AM IST  |  188.5K
Kim Soo Hyun & Cha Seung Won in 'One Ordinary Day' character posters
Kim Soo Hyun & Cha Seung Won in 'One Ordinary Day' character posters: courtesy of Coupang Play

Charged with murder, Kim Hyun Soo, played by the wonderful Kim Soo Hyun, finds himself behind bars. Now faced with the turning point in his life, Kim Hyun Soo has no way out of a tough life in prison. He gulps down in worry, as the buzzer announcing his entry in his cell is played. Soon, he is thrashed around, beaten up, gagged and brought to the end of his life.


Tortured and with nowhere to go, Kim Hyun Soo sobs like there’s no tomorrow. More bullies find their way to him trying to irk a reaction out of the man who is now a murder suspect. At the very edge of giving up, he meets Shin Joong Han, played by Cha Seung Won, a man who suddenly declares himself as Kim Hyun Soo’s lawyer. He also asks if life inside the prison has been very difficult. He asks for a signature on what can be an NDA.


A surprised Kim Hyun Soo appears like a sheep as he listens to the fox-like man who claims he wants to help the supposedly wrongly accused man. Running away, panting, Kim Hyun Soo appears to be chased down by someone and turns with eyes full of fear that call out for help.


The teaser ends with the release date of Coupang Play’s original series. Led by Director Lee Myung Woo, a distinct character awaits the fans of Kim Soo Hyun.


The story of ‘One Ordinary Day’ begins on November 27.


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