WATCH: Lee Do Hyun and Im Soo Jung share a deep chemistry in the new ‘Melancholia’ trailer

Published on Oct 27, 2021 10:05 AM IST  |  120.6K
Stills from the trailer
Stills from the trailer; Picture Courtesy: tvN

The video begins with a meeting between Ji Yoon Soo, a math teacher assigned to Asung High School, and Baek Seung Yu, the last in the school. Unlike the classmates who are engrossed in class, Baek Seung Yu, who seems to have no meaning in studying, there is a shine in his eyes as if he has caught something special. 

Ji Yoon Soo approaches Baek Seung Yu with the question, “Do you like math?” for unknown reasons, but raises his entrenched passion again and carefully raises Baek Seung Yu, who is crouching with his back against the world. From these two people, as if a new hope is sprouting, excitement is rising.

However, when Baek Seung Yu's mother, Min Hee Seung (Baek Ji Won) appears, who slaps Ji Yoon Soo in anger, the situation is sucked into an unexpected vortex. Then, the shocking frame placed on Ji Yoon Soo and Baek Seung Yu instantly freezes the atmosphere. In particular, unusual scenes such as Baek Seung Yu's background check document, Ji Yoon Soo who is handed over to the police, and Baek Seung Yu, who rushes to say, "I'll prove it, I'll prove it.

It stimulates the infinite imagination of those who are waiting for the drama to know what kind of incident the two were involved in, and what the situation of Baek Seung Yu, who promised to prove it in a determined state. 'Melancholia' adds excitement by telling a new story that goes beyond the heartbreaking meeting between a math teacher and a math genius through the main preview video, and is swept away by an uncontrollable storm. First broadcast at 7 pm IST on November 3rd.

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