WATCH: Lee Do Hyun tries to make his way into Go Min Si’s heart & more in the latest teasers of Youth Of May

Published on Apr 28, 2021 02:45 PM IST  |  668.1K
A still from Youth of May's new teaser starring Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun
WATCH: Lee Do Hyun tries to make his way into Go Min Si’s heart & more in the latest teasers of Youth Of May

KBS 2TV’s ‘Youth Of May’ is garnering more attention day by day because of the heartwarming teasers they’ve been releasing of the show. It’s set in a historically significant time period in May 1980, and revolves around a fateful love story. The drama also has fans eagerly waiting for them because it portrays Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun in the lead. 


Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si were previously seen in Sweet Home, where they played siblings. So to have them be lovers in Youth Of May has been catching eyes of many fans. The teaser video showcases beautiful memories of Hwang Hee Tae and Kim Myung Hee’s relationship. The teaser shows their first meeting and the journey of Hee Tae courting and finally dating Myung Hee. There are also some light parts and flirting where Hee Tae says, “Whenever I meet you, it seems like I'm making up for all the smiles I lost over the years, all at once.” Myung Hee replies, “You say this to every girl you meet, right?” to which we see a soft, flirtatious side of Hee Tae as he replies, while gazing softly in her eyes, “No. This is the first time.”


However a few moments later, we see cracks appear in the relationship as Hee Tae begs, “Myung Hee, tell me how you feel, I will make this situation simple.” The teaser then ends with a sad Myung Hee saying, “Let’s stop here. Let’s just remain as a good memory.” Watch the teaser video below:



On the same day, KBS 2TV released two stills of Myung Hee and her father Kim Hyun Chul (Kim Won Hae) eating at a lunch table. There’s known to be friction between Myung Hee’s relationship with her father as years ago, her father took a decision that pushed the family into a crisis. Myung Hee leaves her hometown in order to pursue what she wants, which makes her constantly worry about her younger brother Kim Myung Soo (Jo Yi Hyun). It’ll be heartwarming to see how the father-daughter duo grow closer against all odds and whether they even have the chance to reconcile.


The drama ‘Youth Of May’ is scheduled to premiere on May 3, 9:30 PM KST.


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Where can I watch Youth Of May?
You can watch it on Viki. It'll have English subtitles too.

Which other actors are there in the drama?
Youth of May will feature Lee Sang Yi as Lee Soo Chan, Keum Sae Rok as Lee Soo Ryeon, Kim Won Hae as Kim Hyeon Cheol and many more!